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Six of the Best-450Welcome to this the first Six of the Best blog hop – six of the what?  Paragraphs. Here are six from Perfect Notes, an erotic romance. Stefan has succumbed to Callie’s seducation – she played the clarinet for him and the young conductor can’t resist the charms of music!  Callie’s resistance is short lived, very short lived. She wants it as much as him.


“Can you take it?” he asked. “I have to have you. Make you mine.”

Take it? His question tempted me, but instilled anxieties. I now knew Stefan fucked hard. ‘Have you.’ Those two words sounded delicious and won me over. What a revelation Stefan was, and it made me lose my natural reserve. I beat down my nerves and nodded, tongue-tied by an attack of the trembles.

Grasping my ankles, he dragged me down the sofa, toward the bottom, and, with ease, flipped me onto my belly. He lowered my legs across the armrest and I swung them over the side. With me bent over, he stood at the end of the sofa and arranged me, as confidently as Bridget with a bunch of flowers, until my toes touched the hard surface of the floor and my bottom perched up high over the sofa’s armrest. I rested on my elbows with my breasts dangling, nipples grazing the leather, it tickled and heightening my sensual awareness. I peered over my shoulder, and he met my gaze with a hard expression. Not mean or unpleasant, simply masterful. The word popped into my head and stayed.

Who was this man? I’d let him undress me, fuck me, maneuver my body around his house like a chess piece and in return, I’d spread my legs willingly. Don’t ruin it. I stoppered my overthinking brain, halting it in its tracks.

He held my waist, pinching the little extra flesh I had on offer. I reached behind and parted my ass cheeks with my fingertips. I couldn’t believe my own audacity, how uninhibited I’d become, showing him my richly endowed sex folds and listening to his soft growl in response.

“Oh, lovely,” he crooned.


Callie is all he desires—the tonic for his dominance. But to fulfill their dreams, she must succumb to his passions.

JayePeaches_PerfectNotes_Socialmedia_403Amateur clarinetist Callie turns up for an orchestra rehearsal following a six-week absence to find a new conductor in residence—Stefan, a charismatic man with ambitions of being a composer. After he gives her a lift home, he invites her to his house for a practice session. What begins as a music lesson ends with a passionate display of dominance by Stefan.

As their sexual affair blossoms, Callie is increasingly drawn to find out more about her aspiring composer and why he is a potent lover in the bedroom. When she turns up unexpectedly at his house, she is shocked to find him in the company of a naked woman. Horrified to think that he might have betrayed her, she calls an end to their relationship, but persistent Stefan begs for a second chance.

Encouraged by her boss to resolve her feelings toward Stefan, Callie seeks out a friend of his, hoping to understand what drives him to dominate, but the given explanation creates more unresolved issues for Callie. Determined to seek out the truth, she plans to confront Stefan. But by then, he has gone abroad. Callie must make a decision—cash in her savings and follow Stefan, or banish him from her life. If she does the latter, she will never understand the nature of the intense emotions he has awakened within her. Does she dare to love him?


I LOVED reading about the musical aspect in this. The author did a wonderful job incorporating and bridging the musical and sexual tension between the two. In fact, I felt as though those were some of the best scenes. Speaking of scenes, yep, they’re in there and plentiful. Stefan definitely knows what he’s doing and Callie is just along for the ride…and loving it.


After a rather awkward start, Stefan offers Callie an additional music lesson. This ends in Callie and Stefan having hot sex, and Callie doesn’t know what to make out of the situation. She is not in the clear about her feelings about Stefan at all. Nevertheless, the two of them come closer, and this means that there are some marvelous sex scenes, as both are very playful and cannot get enough of each other. Callie and Stefan are fun characters to read about. It took me a while to see beyond the mind blowing sex they have, but the two of them do have their own personalities and weaknesses, and the sex scenes are actually rather important for the plot.


I just finished reading this and loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed the authors writing style and descriptivenes. I enjoyed the backdrop of music and was able to follow the musical references with very limited knowledge. The music added a further dimension to the story.

The author did a wonderful job of weaving the musical theme through the story and blending music and intimacy which leads to some very hot scenes to titillate the reader.

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Read the opening of Chapter One here.

Excerpt – A lesson in breathing

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  1. Seduced by music. I love the way Stefan reduces Callie’s inhibitions to the point that she does things even she finds a little shocking. A true seduction.

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