Ashe’s scandalous underwear starts a countdown

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Right, back to A Scandalous Arrangement. And a sizzling excerpt too, naturally.

Hello and thank you so much for inviting me over to your blog to chat a little about my latest release from Stormy Night.

underwearA Scandalous Arrangement is set in Victorian England, and since much of the action takes place in the bedroom the subject of Victorian under garments tended to come up a lot. Or come down, whichever you prefer. Such details were conspicuously absent from the A level history curriculum when I was at school so I was forced to conduct my own research into the subject. My own favourite among the choice of Victorian underwear was combinations. These consisted of a chemise and drawers united in one smoothly-fitting garment. As with ordinary drawers, the crotch seams were usually left open, and some examples incorporated the buttoning back flap which of course offers a wealth of sensuous opportunity to the smutty writer.

Victoria is wearing combinations in the excerpt below, her first real intimate encounter with Adam.

Here’s the blurb…

ascandalousarrangementAfter a foolish wager costs her brother ownership of the weaving mill in Yorkshire which provides her income, Victoria Wynne is left with no choice but to confront the man who took the bet and seek to dissuade him from claiming his prize. Unfortunately for her, that man turns out to be Adam Luke, an experienced, ambitious entrepreneur who is intent on keeping what he won.

Upon meeting her, Adam is enchanted by Victoria’s beauty and charm as well as her nerve and self-reliance. Adam is a man of singular tastes, and when Victoria asks to manage the mill in return for a share of the profits, he offers her a bold proposal of his own. She will continue to run the mill as she has for years, but in return for a substantially larger portion of the profits she will also serve at his beck and call behind closed doors, submitting to him in any way he desires.

Wanting to earn enough money to buy back the mill as quickly as possible—and with some part of her shamefully aroused by the thought of kneeling naked at Adam’s feet—Victoria accepts his terms. But submission initially proves difficult for a woman used to running her own affairs, and soon enough she finds herself bare-bottomed over his knee for a firm lesson in obedience.

Adam’s plans for Victoria run much deeper than just an occasional spanking. She will be stripped naked, bound, and teased until she is aching for release, and then at last he will take her long and hard. As Adam continues to train her, teaching her to yield to his mastery while bringing her more pleasure than she ever thought possible, Victoria cannot help falling for him. But can a lifelong bond truly emerge from such a scandalous arrangement?

Publisher’s Note: A Scandalous Arrangement is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


And now, an excerpt from A Scandalous Arrangement featuring Victoria’s choice of sexy underwear…


Adam settled himself in a chair in front of the window. The light behind him would obstruct her clear view of his features, whilst he could see every detail of her. “Just put your clothes on the chaise longue behind you. When you’re naked I’d like you to kneel on the floor, here, just in front of me.”

Victoria gulped, but made no protest, though her perplexed expression told him her mind was whirling. Silence did not signify agreement. At least, not yet.

She unfastened her white blouse and removed that too, placing it on top of her jacket. Next she loosened the ties holding her skirt in place and peeled that down to her ankles. She stepped out of the pooled fabric and placed the skirt neatly with the rest.

Adam shifted in his chair, conscious that his erection was very obvious. He made no attempt to conceal it, preferring that she understood the effect she had on him. Her eyes widened when her gaze rested on the bulge betraying his arousal. Clad in just her fine silk combinations she presented an exceedingly fetching sight, concealing nothing of her curves. He would have defied a monk to remain unmoved. On another occasion he might have allowed her to remain as she was and enjoyed the display. The first time was always somewhat awkward though, for a submissive at least, and he preferred to press on.

“Quite lovely, Victoria. I applaud your taste in undergarments. Did you purchase that especially for me?”

“Yes. I wasn’t sure what… I just wanted to look my best.” Her lovely features were starting to pinken, but she maintained eye contact with him. There would be occasions when he would require her to drop her gaze, but for now he found her pride and determination admirable. He had no interest in a mewling, shrinking little virgin.

But she is a virgin, he reminded himself. He would soon remedy that though.

“Good choice. I may permit you to put it back on later, with the crotch left unfastened of course. For now, remove it please.”

He loved the way her face flushed, the rosy hue starting at her neck and chest and rising steadily as she undid the buttons down the front. The display of bare flesh was tantalising as the two halves gapped open. She lifted her gaze to his again, and he raised one eyebrow deliberately. She needed to do as she was told, without hesitation or argument. He expected no less.

“I will not kneel.” She tipped up her chin, defiant.

“No? Why not, Victoria?” He kept his tone deceptively low.

“I have agreed to do as you want, to allow you to do – things – to me. But I am not here to be humiliated, or debased.”

“Of course not. You are here to be cherished, admired, pleasured. But those rewards have to be earned, through submission and obedience. Talking of which, I require you to be naked. I have said so on numerous occasions now so I will count to five. If you are not nude and on your knees by then I will consider our arrangement terminated.”



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  1. Hi Jaye and Ashe, love the sound of this and enjoyed the excerpt. Very sexy 🙂 Congratulations on the new release Ashe!


  2. Hi Jaye, hi Ashe, I loved this snippet, though Adam is pretty adamant and wants to make sure that Victoria plays according to his rules. This will not be easy for her, at least at first, so it is definitely exciting! 🙂



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