#MasturbationMonday – a mutual affair

Masturbation-Monday-badge-smallI’m celebrating a year of Masturbation Monday with a preview of my forthcoming book – Indulge Me. No cover or release date yet, but sometime in September Saffron and Gideon will be putting in an appearance. Plenty of masturbation in this book.  Saffron, a professional wine taster is spending her first night at Gideon’s place and he’s not in any hurry.

This is a mutual affair, which seems appropriate to celebrate week 52. Big thank you to Kayla Lords for hosting.


Now they were both naked. Between her legs, the wetness filled her pussy. Staring at his hard cock, she parted her knees and ran a finger down her slit. Her labia had plumped out with warming blood and her digit skated between her swollen folds.

“Show me,” he said softly.

She held up her finger and the essence shone. His cock moved, lifting up higher, stretching out as if it to greet her.

“Masturbate,” he commanded in an amazingly stern tone. “Show me.”

For a second a strange sense of humiliation crippled her. He’d not used any form of romance to entice her, no promises of kisses or gentle embraces, and yet, she was drawn inexplicably to obey. She froze, mesmerised by the way he held his erection and stroked the head of his penis with his fingers. The skin tightened about the head, forming a smooth bulb, which grew with each passing tug of his fingertips.

Her hands trembled as she rested back, releasing her trapped knees so she could spread her legs. She reclined on an elbow while she pressed the heel of her palm on her mound, exciting the delicate nerve endings.

She’d done this several times in the last couple of weeks, but this was the first time in Gideon’s presence.

“Go on,” he urged. “I’ve imagined this many times. Please don’t deny me.”

Again, he requested an exhibition, a display of her willingness, however the curt command had gone and in its place, he added a softer more pleading tone. She swallowed, nodded and agitated her clit with a vigorous finger. Gideon’s hand stilled mid-stroke and he pursed his lips. Something was wrong. What was he expecting?

The previous week, when her desire to seek gratification had been largely selfish, she’d been cooped up in a storeroom masturbating in confined space without an audience. His expression reminded her this was different, now she had Gideon to entertain, perhaps enthral if she did it right. She stowed her fingers and tried a different technique. Instead of rubbing, she circled the hooded clit, lifted the covering and let the nub protrude.

She drew her knees up, placing her heels on the mattress, anchoring her position. With her left arm looped around her head, she sprawled her legs wider. Gideon using the tips of his fingers returned to stroking the shaft of his cock. She kept time with his slow caresses.

She used her forefinger to take control, sliding the digit along her groove, feeling the ripe sex lips separate and the juices, her lust driven excretions, fill the little trench, and the sensation aided her leisurely strokes.

She tickled her clit, then poked a finger into her vagina, at the same time she rocked her pelvis in a rhythmic duet with Gideon’s, matching his increasing vigour. Each rotation of her finger brought her along the inevitable path and closer to an explosive finish. She imagined all those ridiculous objects she’d used to aid the indulgent fucks, those impromptu sex toys, which she’d tainted with her bodily fluids. She moaned, wishing that wingnut stopper was pressed against her clitoris.

“Yes.” She panted, picking up the pace, unable to resist the approaching climax. Her wrist ached and her calf muscles quivered. One of her heels slipped off the bed and she loss the moment.



Want more?  I’m sure I can accommodate any requests…

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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release Jaye! Yay, a new book! Wow, that excerpt was hot! Great tease.


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