New release – Indulge Me – it’s bubbly, sparkly and full of intrigue

I’m going to tell you about my new book, Indulge Me, which has arrived on Amazon today. It’s a tale about two people who make a living from tasting wine. One works for a merchant, the other a restaurant. Saffron is at the top of her profession – a master of wine, while Gideon is a Sommelier who pairs wine and food for his customers. Their love affair begins in cool wine cellars and hot vineyards and ends somewhere quite different.

Research proved essential for this book, and I confess, it was somewhat practical in nature….I quaffed quite a bit of wine and tickled my tastebuds in the line of duty. It’s a tough life being an author. It wasn’t enough to read about wine tasting on books or websites, I had to examine the genuine article for the purposes of accuracy… by the bottle…

As for the others things in the book, which deviate into other sensual experiments, those are best left to the imagination.

Here is a guided tour of Saffron ….


Me? Was she the subject of his assessment? She smirked. How would he rate her? Did her aubergine hair colouring make her spicy or was she full-bodied with an elegant finesse—ha-ha, not today—more tart looking with her short skirt and high heels. Foxy, fresh and fruity, those were her preferred adjectives, on a good day.


Somebody else was watching her. On the other side of the long chamber, a man with a clipboard. Dressed in a black suit, which made him quite formal and smart in appearance, he exuded the mannerisms of a dapper gent with his ash-brown hair combed back and his necktie tight about his collar. He tapped his pen on his lower lip. A repetitive action accompanied by a lost in thought expression, except he stared right at her, unblinking.



What the hell was she doing? In a strange location, heading underground with a man whose agenda she’d yet to fully determine and nobody, hell, not a soul knew where she was. She doubted her mobile had a reception in the bowels of the stone castle.


He leant forward and his tongue darted out. The red wine trickled down her breast. She saw goose bumps rise up as the liquid left a trail of pink on her pale flesh.


I selected a bottle of our finest Syrah. Deep crimson liquid encased in green glass. Careful not to spoil the label, I adjusted it so the cool glass skimmed my warm flesh. The coldness bit until the friction built up, bringing warmth to the glass. I uncovered my attribute—my most prized orifice, allowing the hard curvature of the vessel to come in contact with the warm, giving softness. Dangerous levels of sparks ensued as I indulged in the perfect match of wine and saturated substance.


He strolled into the bathroom and she tracked his muscular arse, licking her lips at the gorgeous dimples in the sides of his buttocks.


“Go on,” he urged. “I’ve imagined this many times. Please don’t deny me.”


Saffron assessed her situation with a rapidly increasing pulse and a dry mouth—tied and blindfolded in a cellar with a strange man watching—was this really about wine tasting?


She let out a low sob. Then, fighting back her anger and a deep sense of despair that a job she loved was potentially ruined, she started to pack up her things


I hope you enjoyed a little taste of Saffron. Why not click on the banner and find out more?

Saffron surrenders her body and embarks on an indulgent journey with the attractive sommelier, Gideon. As a wine taster, Saffron continually uses her senses to carve out a successful career, driving her to the peak of her profession. However, when Gideon leads her on an erotic adventure fueled by passion and self-discovery, she’s startled to learn that she’s been living her life ignorant of sensory pleasures that require other talents, ones she’d never explored with her previous, disastrous lover. That man, who envies her success, is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved.

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  1. Congratulations on the new release Jaye! Love the premise and enjoyed these snippets. This sounds hot! Looking forward to reading this 🙂


  2. Hi Jaye, congratulations on your new book release! That’s awesome. I enjoyed the snippets and the pictures and can’t wait to read it all. 🙂



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