#Satspanks – a little #spanking

Saturday Spankings Blog Hop
Saturday Spankings Blog Hop

Hello to Saturday and Satspanks.

I’ve brought along a tipple from latest book, Indulge Me, which touches on the world of BDSM and what the scene means to him is often hinted at by Gideon, a man who wants to show his new girl, Saffron, he’s a gentleman, so perhaps she could curb her tongue a little.


She spread her legs wider, eager for his entrance, then drew her knees up, raising her bottom.

“Hasty thing.” He whacked her arse with his hand and she jumped as the smack stung.

“Ow! What the fuck was that for?” she growled.

Another smack on the other cheek, mirroring the intensity of the first. Two sweet spanks and her bottom instantly blazed.

“Cursing. I’ve decided it’s unbecoming in you. Tell me to fuck you, beg at my feet for my cock, it’s music to my ears, but swearing, nah. You can show eloquence.”

“What the fu… fudge. Fruity, fabulous, effing fudge to you.” She wriggled her butt, daring him to strike her again.


I hope you enjoyed a little taste of Saffron. Why not click on the banner and find out more?
I hope you enjoyed a little taste of Saffron. Why not click on the banner and find out more?

She sees him once.

He’s standing across the wine cellar watching her when their eyes meet. Miles away from home in California’s Napa Valley, she’s caught in his gaze. Though, neither one speaks, for a moment the rest of the world falls away, and she sends him a smile.

She sees him again.

Back home in England. Is it the same man? In the middle of a crowded wine fair, she spots him. A smile of recognition, but no words exchanged. She shakes it off, the same line of business, the same events, it’s a small world.

The third is no coincidence.

She’s running a private tasting and in walks her mystery man, dressed in a fine suit. What does she really know about him other than they share a love of wine? She’s intrigued, even more so when she discovers he has sought her out. When he invites her to a private session in a wine cellar, deep underneath a castle, she begins to uncover his secrets.

Saffron surrenders her body and embarks on an indulgent journey with the attractive sommelier, Gideon. As a wine taster, Saffron continually uses her senses to carve out a successful career, driving her to the peak of her profession. However, when Gideon leads her on an erotic adventure fueled by passion and self-discovery, she’s startled to learn that she’s been living her life ignorant of sensory pleasures that require other talents, ones she’d never explored with her previous, disastrous lover. That man, who envies her success, is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved.

Excerpt – A Taster

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6 thoughts on “#Satspanks – a little #spanking”

  1. Three is the charm, as they say. Love her sass, though I think she’ll end up paying for it. Doesn’t look like she minds, however.

  2. I agree! I don’t know why as I swear way more than I should. Maybe it’s the cover?? I don’t know, but I’m with him. He should spank her booty every time she does it. Lucky girl.

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