#WipitUp – a privilege, not a conquest

Another book is with the editor. Always some trepidation about what will come back! For now, I can share a little on WipitUp Wednesday. No title as yet. It’s a Sci-Fi spanking romance, but more of an alternative reality Sci-Fi, so no aliens with green blood or pointy ears.

Ursa has been given to Xane. She’s his servant, sent in exchange for unpaid taxes and remains his until the community she comes from pays up. Naturally, she’s not happy at the idea and even more so having discover Xane is something of a celebrity.


She shivered and he drew a blanket up over her shoulders, tucking it under her chin. Xane returned to his half of his bed and appeared to be mulling over his thoughts—his jaw rolled from side to side, but his lips remained pressed tight together. Ursa looked up at the canopy above their heads. A mirror reflected her pale face back down.  A full length mirror that captured the whole bed. She blinked, surprised at seeing her reflection and wondered why she’d not noticed it when earlier she had cleaned the room. Had Xane brought her in here to seduce her? Take her while she lay in a weakened state. With a brisk flick of her wrist, she threw aside the blanket.

“I’m feeling fine. Thank you.” She went to sit up.

“Wait. Tell me. Ask me. I want to know what you’re thinking.” Xane propped himself up on his elbow. His expression remained pensive.

She rested her back against the pillow. “Do you want my virginity? Is that what you wish to claim?”

Xane sighed deeply. “Daxar told you about that, didn’t he? Ursa, you caught my attention from the moment I set eyes on you. However, your virginity is yours to give, not for me to take.”

“But that is what you do, fuck virgins.” She folded her arms across her breasts, like a protective barrier. “How many have you notched up on your headboard?”

His eyes rolled up to the canopy. “Contrary to what you might think, not that many. Three, maybe four a year. I’m selective. It’s a privilege not a conquest.”

“But there is no love, no romance?”

“It’s not our way, Ursa.” He looked straight into her eyes. The silver irises shone in the light. “I promise I won’t take your virginity,” he paused, “unless you wish it.”


Is she tempted?

3 thoughts on “#WipitUp – a privilege, not a conquest”

  1. Ooh, another book, yay! This sounds intriguing Jaye. Really enjoyed the excerpt, great tease 🙂


  2. Hi Jaye, I enjoyed this and it sounds like a great story. Xane is nicer than Ursa had thought it seems. I wonder what will happen when the taxes are paid, is she free to stay with him then? 🙂 Loved the snippet.



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