#ScintillatingSunday – Time well spent

scintillatingsundayIs time apart, time well spent? What happens to all that lust when a passionate couple have to wait for a reunion?

For Scintillating (I do love that word) Sunday, I’ve picked through the three books that make up the Sublime Trust series to bring you these eight paragraphs. Now if you’re not familiar with my kinky couple, then all you need know is that Jason is the boss and Gemma is especially willing to do all that  pleases him. Jason is on the way back from a business trip and Gemma can’t wait for him to walk through the door.


passionate-kissShe bounced around the house, waiting for him to walk through the door. She greeted him in the hallway. One of his extra-special lingering kisses with her back pinned against the wall. It told her all she needed to know. He wanted her, no waiting around for the evening.

His fingers lifted her skirt. Finding her bare flesh, free of underwear, he stroked his fingertips along her wet slit. She gasped and banged the back of her head against the wall.

“I rule this, babe, don’t I?” The fingers crept into her slick pussy, finding little hindrance.

“Yes!” she sighed. “You rule me, Master.”

As Jason led Gemma by the hand upstairs, she called down to the nanny in the kitchen. “He’s all yours for a bit, Clara.”

In his keenness, Jason stripped Gemma naked with none-too-gentle hands, tearing a hole along the seam of her blouse then he scooped her up and threw her on the bed.

“New York went well, then?” she gasped between his tonguing kisses and wrapped her legs about his waist.

“Very. Shut up,” he said not unkindly then smothered a nipple with his mouth, his sharp teeth nipping on her delicate teat.


Sublime Trust Trilogy

Gemma and Jason Lucas lead a life less ordinary, where kink and wealth combine to bring exotic opportunities.

Gemma – a millionaire’s wife and a Dominant’s submissive. One public persona, the other very private. Her personal journey takes her to many places physically, mentally, and most definitely kinky. She must continually put her faith in her husband and cast aside her turbulent past.

Her future is an uncharted map of erotic pleasure.

Settled into married life, Jason has almost all that he desires.  Constantly striving to seek out new erotic adventures, his passion is to have his wife become his submissive all day, every day.

Whatever Jason’s rules and judgements might bring to their relationship, he will always cherish her.

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  1. Hi Jaye, I loved that. I’ll tell hubby, so that he can do it when he returns from his next trip to New York. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.



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