#Satspanks – With a little imagination

Saturday SpankingsWhen Saturday comes, it brings a spanking! This time it’s one conjured up in the imagination of Viola, the wife of Sir Anton Valise, a baronet, and rather strict husband. Having experienced a caning for lying, she wishes for a different experience, one that might bring pleasure.


Lying in his arms, she dreamed, half-awake, of how he would spank her differently.

This concocted spanking, pieced together in her imagination, would begin with a little warm-up, unlike his caning. Her husband would lay her over his lap and after he had slid her into place, she would rest her head on her arms and he would place his hand on her inner thigh, separating her legs a little, letting him see her swollen sex folds.

She visualised the rise and fall of his arm, the pause at the top before he brought his hand down and the sting of his palm. His other hand would hold her in place, ensuring she didn’t slip off his lap.

The rhythm would be like her heartbeats, quickening with each minute. Not too many smacks, just a few to serve her needs adequately. In her semi-slumber, she wriggled as she relished the imaginary heat in her bottom. She would anticipate his pace and give, pushing backwards, into each slap, as he landed on her pink cheeks. She focused on Anton—the picture of him spanking her, the pleasure on his face and his stiff cock springing to life.


violas heart strings thumbnailAfter a chance meeting, young Viola Pritchard finds herself married to the enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. The innocent Viola falls fast for her new husband. She loves him and only wishes to please him and be the wife he wishes her to be. She’s surprised to find that she craves Anton’s passionate and dominant lovemaking, and even lusts for him to take her in more erotic ways.

Determined not to repeat mistakes from his past, Anton tries to keep Viola at a distance. Her sweet submission and unflagging loyalty prove to be his weakness. The baronet introduces rules to ensure his new wife will remain obedient, not trusting that her intentions could be so pure.

When Viola discovers a series of secret rooms and a diary left behind by Anton’s late wife, she unearths a chilling mystery. With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola’s relationship reaches a crisis point. Can Viola crack the armor around her baronet’s safely guarded heart?

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15 thoughts on “#Satspanks – With a little imagination”

  1. Perfect spanking, and sexy. “the rhythm would be like ger heartbeats”…love that! Great snippet Jaye 🙂


  2. Love the title of this book – very clever! Am going to have to read this now. I love your historical stories and I’m betting that there are non-imaginary spankings as well. ACTUAL spankings always beat (ha!) imagined ones.

    • There are actual spankings, yes, and they’re not what she imagined. I’m just putting the finishing touches to another historical one, due out later this year.

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