#WipItUp – A beautiful specimen

Featured Image -- 2416Revealing some of my current Work in Progress today. A sci-fi story set in the fictional world of Chandros. Xane has been out collecting taxes, except when taxes aren’t paid by a Minorem commune they must forfeit some of their young people instead. He’s just returned with a new shipment, including Ursa, who’s not happy at being selected.


Logging out of the system, he strode along a featureless corridor and almost charged down a man dressed in a white tunic emerging from a room. “Everett, didn’t see you there,” exclaimed Xane, greeting the other with a brisk handshake. “Busy?” He and Everett had once attended the same college, before Xane had earned his rank of Inspector and Everett had graduated as a medic.

Everett chuckled. “You should know, you brought in a copter load and now I’ve got to give them all medical scans. One of them is proving quite a handful.” He gestured at a doorway leading into a room adjacent to the one from which he’d emerged and Xane followed him in. Above Everett’s console was a glass division, a two-way mirror that gave the medic a view of a plain room with a massive contraption suspended from the ceiling. Stood in the centre, and upon the designated circle, the naked Ursa scowled at her reflection. She tried to cover her breasts with one hand and her pubic mound with the outstretched fingers of the other one.

“Beautiful specimen, isn’t she?” commented Everett.

“Yes,” murmured Xane, transfixed by the smooth skin of her belly and the curvature of her hips and thighs. “Quite extraordinary.”

“Something of a firebrand, too. Refused to strip until threatened with a whipping. That made her eyes pop out. Amazing eyes. Not the typical colouration for a Minorem.”

“No. I noticed them.” Xane edged closer to glass.

Everett sat at the console and flicked a switch. “Hands to your sides and keep still.”

Ursa didn’t move. Her cheeks flushed crimson and she squeezed her legs tight together.

“See what I mean?” moaned Everett. He barked his order a second time.

Slowly her hands slid away to her sides, revealing a small tuft of black hair on her mons and two peach coloured nipples decorating her firm breasts.

Everett whistled. “I love this job some days.”


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6 thoughts on “#WipItUp – A beautiful specimen”

  1. I love medical play. Fantastic teaser. Very descriptive. I can feel her embarrassment and stubbornness at being displayed in such a way.

  2. Hi Jaye, ooh this sounds intriguing. Look forward to hearing more about this book. Really enjoyed the excerpt 🙂


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