#Wipitup – Rules are rules

WIPimage12No cover or title for this Sci-Fi (more of an alternative reality) work in progress, but it’s creeping closer to completion.  Ursa, my rebellious heroine, has been given to Xane to work as his servant. By law she must wear a collar.


collaringXane rested on the edge of the desk and fished out the collar from his pocket.

“Now, Ursa. This is non-negotiable. You will wear your ID collar.” He held it out.

Ursa sensed all of her muscles turn rigid with anger. “I will not wear that damn thing.” She stuck out her chin and waited.

“Last chance.” He straightened up, making full use of his height.

“Or what?”

Xane walked around his desk and picked up his chair, bringing to the middle of the room. He left it there and leaned on the back of it. “I take you over my knee and spank you.”

Outrage grew like a storm inside her head, a swirling mass of inflamed emotions brought on by the humiliation of his demand. “I hardly call those two options fair. I demand a third choice, one that is amenable to me.” She had to hold her ground.

He sat on the chair, smoothing out the wrinkles in his dark pants with the palm of his hand. “I believe the first option—wearing the collar—is the amenable one….


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5 thoughts on “#Wipitup – Rules are rules”

  1. Hi Jaye, enjoyed this excerpt, great teaser! Ursa does sound feisty, but I’m sure Xane is up to the task 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about this book.


  2. I love the nonchalance as he smooths out the wrinkles while she struggles with the inevitable. Bet she gets the spanking and still ends up with the collar. Option three… silly girl! Lovely snippet.

  3. Hi Jaye, lovely snippet. Is it possible that Ursa has not fully understood her situation yet? Great teaser. I can’t wait for more.



  4. I think option 1 is the best choice too and most certainly the one I would smartly choose. But in this case I do hope she stands her ground. I wanna see Xane in action! ☺

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