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Saturday Spankings Blog Hop
Saturday Spankings Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to Saturday Spankings. Taken as Payment has been sitting at the top of the Erotica Sci-Fi charts for most of the week. I’m delighted and thank you to my readers.  For those of you uncertain about whether Sci-Fi is an appealing setting, rest assured, it’s the kinky play that makes this book hot.

Xane and his servant, Iona, have seemingly come to a working arrangement. However, they’ve just blown apart a secret and its implications are starting to dawn on Xane.


He let go of her hair and swiftly yanked up her skirt, revealing her panties, which he tore into strips. He grasped both of her ass cheeks in his broad hands and squeezed hard.

“Whenever you wander off, you find trouble,” he declared. “What am I to do with you, eh?”

His firm voice was at odds with the sparkle in his eyes. She detected the finest of smile lines creep across his face and she wriggled her bottom, attempting to free her tender buttocks from his vise-like grip. “Oh, master,” she snickered. “You know exactly what to do with me.”

“Indeed. A good spanking and a hard fuck is what you need.” He slapped a cheek, leaving a smarting blow and she squirmed in response.

“If that is what you think, of course, I could argue otherwise.” She grinned. The faint trace of his smile vanished and she stiffened. “What?”


no1_sci-fi_takenaspaymentWhen she is taken from her home and forced to work in the powerful city of Chandros to pay the debts of her small farming community, twenty-year-old Iona Meers is furious. After an intimate, humiliating medical examination conducted in full view of Chief Inspector Xane—the man she considers responsible for her predicament—her seething anger turns into outright defiance.

Having noted both Iona’s rebelliousness and her helpless arousal during her examination, Xane decides to bring her home with him as his personal servant. Iona’s disobedience quickly results in her being pulled over Xane’s knee for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom, yet despite her best efforts to ignore her body’s response to his dominance, she soon realizes that there is a reason Xane is known among his people for his skill as a virgin claimer.

Iona’s longing for Xane’s touch grows stronger with each passing day, and yielding to his dominant lovemaking arouses her beyond anything she could have ever imagined. But when a long-buried secret from her past comes to light and calls everything Iona thought she knew about herself into question, will it strengthen her bond with Xane or tear them apart forever?

Publisher’s Note: Taken as Payment is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



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12 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings – What she needs”

  1. Uh oh, she’s in for trouble now. That change in any HoH expression means there is going to be a red hot bum, and it is not the HoH’s one. Loved the snippet, and congratulations on being number 1 !



  2. Congratulations on No.1 Jaye, awesome news 🙂

    Great excerpt, love the interplay between them but oh no, I have a feeling Iona has just ruined the fun.


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