#WipitUp – To the rescue!

WIPimage12It’s my first WipItUp since moving my blog onto its own domain, instead of WordPress.com.  Those who are visiting for the first time, welcome, and I hope you come back again.  You can follow this blog by clicking on the subscribe by email option.

My current work in progress is a Regency Spanking Romance, and there is a twist to the genre.   I don’t want to reveal too much as yet, so I’ll leave you to guess.

This is how it opens…..



He furiously charged through the nettles and brambles.

Was he too late to save her?

Her foolish, brazen behaviour and lack of prudence was unacceptable. No mate of his would be permitted to defy the boundaries he would put about her. He would keep her safe and protected.  However, she couldn’t know that he’d already laid claim to her—how could she when she’d never seen him.

Damn the bastard—the so-called lord with a cavalier attitude—the wastrel would regret going near her.

He was close enough to hear their raised voices. While she pleaded, the ridiculous popinjay laced his vulgar tone with arrogance and hostility.

Flesh was struck—the sound of a firm slap raced towards him. He changed direction, swerved past a tree stump, and picking up his pace, forced his legs to work harder.

A masculine guffaw—somewhere to his left. He darted beneath a low branch and listened again. This time he heard the man threaten her.

He slowed, but not to catch his breath, he wasn’t panting, rather he needed to ensure he had control of his anger. There was no point in being armed, he needed no physical weapons. The last thing he wanted was a mob of vigilantes rampaging through the forest seeking revenge on behalf of a murdered lord.

He peered through the ferns. The bastard had brought her to a sacred place to violate her. She tried to escape by crawling on her hands and knees, but her feet had become tangled in her skirts.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he realised not only was she vulnerable and weak, but also how unaware she was of the bond he’d already forged between them. Hot blood coursed through his body. She was his and nobody else’s.

The beauty didn’t stand a chance if he didn’t reveal himself. It was a risk worth taking.

Launching himself off the ground, he crashed through the low branches and leaped onto her assailant. 


Thanks to Meredith O’Reilly for helping to run this fantastic blog hop.

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  1. Jaye!!! No! You can’t stop there! Please just a few sentences more! Did he save her?

    Great snippet! I’m anxious for next Wednesday to read more! 😉

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