Facing the beast – #WipItUp

WIPimage12After last week’s WipItUp, I was left with the impression a little more was wanted from the scene. Well, here it is, but from a different perspective.


Shock at his unwarranted actions prevented the frightened Ella from crying out. As she sprawled on her back, DeLancy kicked her ankles apart and stood over her, his eyes gleaming bright and the sweat pouring down his brow. No tears would rescue Ella from his clutches as he fumbled with the flap of his breeches. What lay behind the flap she could guess at and it filled her with horror that it had come to this. He was about to ruin her honour by committing an act of violence. Her hopes for the future would be destroyed.

Ella conjured up all the strength she could muster, turned onto her knees, and tried to scramble away. When her heels caught in the hem of her dress, she fell flat on her belly in amongst the deepest blades of grass and the weight of his body landed on top of her.

DeLancy screamed.

The strange, high-pitched cry deafened her ear. One minute she felt a crushing weight and the next it was gone.

A huge dark shadow leapt over her, then it was gone. In front of her, DeLancy ran into the undergrowth, clutching at his breeches and behind him, an immense creature gave chase.

She clambered to her feet as the animal charged into the thicket, its tail raised high. The viscount and his assailant vanished into the gloomy woods. Catching her breath, she listened as DeLancy’s hollers diminished and grew distant.

wolf featherLeaning against an oak, she wondered if she’d imagined the beast. Definitely not a hound or a mastiff. Something even bigger and covered in thick grey fur with streaks of black and a white face.

A wolf.

Alarmed that the terrifying creature might return to feast on her, she gathered up her skirt, wondering which way to go. She stopped dead, rooted to the spot and unable to move. Emerging from between the trees, the dreaded animal had returned.

Ella froze. It was pointless running. The beast would easily bring her down. It stared at her, with its glowing yellow eyes, and for a moment it seemed to snarl at her with ferocious fangs on either side of his jaw.

She almost fell to her knees in despair. She’d been saved from rape only to be devoured by a mad wolf. She let out a low sob and prepared to meet her fate.

“Do it then,” she called out.


His Lordship’s Mate is due out this weekend, so watch out for the links.

7 thoughts on “Facing the beast – #WipItUp”

  1. Hi Jaye, I have been absent from blogland recently and just finding some time here and there to check in.

    I missed the previous snippets but wow, this sounds intriguing! Congratulations on the upcoming release!


  2. Hmmm….I wonder who gave you the impression that they wanted more from your snippet last week. 😉

    Ohh!!! What is the wolf going to do? Eat her or maybe something else…

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