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Poor Ella. She has very little idea about what a husband might expect from her.  She’s spent years reading, but now that her father is forcing them into destitution, she has to marry quickly. We think the idea of pornographic images as being a recent thing, but oh no, they’ve been about for a long time. On Greek vases and Indian temples.  And in Georgian times….



Ella traced her finger along the shelves until she reached the section her father favoured—boring treatises on politics and history, which he’d been forced to thin out and sell, opening up gaps on the tightly packed shelves. Some of the books had fallen onto their sides, and poking out behind them, she discovered a wooden box. She brought it down and laid it on the desk.

Inside were small picture cards and they depicted cartoons that made her heartbeats flurry with shock. She glanced over her shoulder, half expecting Pritchard to walk into the room, or even her father. These printed images—drawings of men and women in debauched scenes of copulation—had to be his. She turned them over, one by one, barely able to look at the explicit depictions. Fat men, thin men, voluptuous women with splayed legs and laughing faces. She’d no idea there were so many ways to conjoin with a man.

18th erotic bookAt the bottom of the box, she discovered a thin pamphlet, a well-thumbed booklet with creased pages. She grazed the words at first, finding them too embarrassing to read in detail. Sinking deeper into a nearby armchair, she rubbed her thighs together and pored over the brief descriptions. Unable to comprehend what made each crude sentence light a fire in her belly, she mouthed the dirty words repeatedly, as if they were a charm or magical spell. Cock. Quim. Pussy. Prick. Cum. The lewd language shocked her, and at the same time it triggered a wave of palpitations in her chest. If she was supposed to be disgusted, it failed to materialise. Was she truly reading what went on between a husband and wife, or were they fantasies, like her myths and legends?

She tossed the pamphlet and picture cards back in the box and slammed the lid shut.

Sir William had vanished to a tavern to join his drinking friends and Ella dined alone. She picked at her food, her appetite diminished by the constant stream of images in her mind. No longer did they disturb her; instead, they tantalised and against her better judgement, excited her.

Having dismissed Polly following another round of hair-brushing, Ella stretched out on her bed.

Down there, between her thighs, she had discovered a new sensation, one that had not occurred when DeLancy kissed her, but had happened when she’d read the naughty passages in the rude pamphlet.

What did it all mean? That words gripped her imagination more than the touch of a man’s lips? She rolled onto her side and curled up. Impulsively, she dove her hand between her thighs and shoved the fabric of her nightgown upwards until it met her bare sex. The thick cotton chafed as she rubbed it against her mound.

Wickedness! Her governess would have roared at her for even imagining such a deed. Miss Dickinson had spoilt Ella and the rod had only ever been a mere threat and never sanctioned. Now with her governess departed, nobody could stop her from slipping into bad habits: rising late, eating food from her lap, walking about the garden in bare feet, and the worst—missing Pastor Jones’s appallingly boring sermons on Sundays.

Parting her legs, she bunched her nightshirt up into a ball and pressed the fabric hard against her clitoris. Never before had she nurtured the tiny appendage, but she knew it existed as she’d noticed it while bathing. What she had little idea about was how it swelled and poked out when excited. Amazed to discover how tender it had become with her rubbing, she cautiously drew up her shift and revealed her tufted mons. With two fingers, she slid down and explored, her mouth dropping open in a long exhale as she felt the wetness exuding from her vagina—her pussy.

With a sigh, she dozed. Lying still, with the cool night air drifting over her exposed flesh, she rested her hand and cupped it about her moist sex lips.

She had to wait to Friday to discover what DeLancy intended to do next. If their continuing courtship led to a proposal, she hoped it would come soon. She wanted a man’s hand between her legs, not her own.

Reaching over to the bedside, she blew out the candle and tried to sleep.

hislordshipsmate_600~ His Lordship’s Mate

Eighteen-year-old Ella Bailey knows that if she is to have any hope of a good match, she must marry quickly before her father completes the ruin of her family’s fortune and good name with his wanton living. Her situation is made worse when a wealthy viscount expresses interest in her hand and she accepts his invitation to a party, only to have the supposed gentleman first seek to seduce her and then attempt to force himself on her.

After his efforts to despoil her are thwarted, the spiteful cad does his utmost to slander Ella’s character with scandalous accusations. With her reputation in tatters and nowhere else to turn, Ella seeks solace in the arms of the enigmatic Gethin Powell, a rich, handsome lord known for his lack of concern for the expectations of high society.

Gethin takes a strong interest in Ella, but he makes it abundantly clear that he is a man who expects to be obeyed in all things. Living under his roof as his woman will mean submitting to his authority, surrendering her body to his desires, and baring her bottom for his stern chastisement whenever he deems it necessary.

Ella soon discovers that Gethin’s sexual appetites are both fierce and insatiable, but as he thoroughly lays claim to her naked, blushing body, she is deeply ashamed to find herself hungering for more. But even as their passion for each other grows deeper, an old and powerful secret waits to come to light. When Ella learns the truth about Gethin, will it tear her away from the man who has taken her as his mate?

Publisher’s Note: His Lordship’s Mate is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Excerpt – No Excuses

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