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WIPimage12I’m breaking off from writing to pop in here and blog a little Work in Progress preview. It’s in its earlier stages and rough, as in first draft rough with multiple re-writes pending. A new historical spanking romance, but this time, I’ve gone all medieval. Nadia is my heroine and she’s living in a convent because her father doesn’t know what to do with her. Yes, some shades of Sounds of Music her, but no singing and certainly nothing so vanilla. It’s a M/f story, like all my others, but with a few twists.


“Nadia!” Sister Agnes boomed. “You missed vespers. Again.”
Nadia skidded to a halt a few feet short of the dormitory door. She’d almost made it. She slowly turned, bowed her head and clasped her hands behind her back. “I’m sorry, sister. I’ve been picking berries for Sister Mary.”
“Have you, child? Show me the berries.” The sister, with her crooked back, walked towards Nadia and held out her gnarled fingers.
Nadia flinched as Sister Agnes approached. “I…left them in the infirmary.”
“Liar! I’ve just been in the infirmary and Sister Mary hasn’t seen you since this morning. Come with me, the Reverend Mother shall hear of this.”
“Sister, please…” The ancient nun firmly grasped Nadia’s elbow. Much to Nadia’s surprise, God had granted the old woman a strong grip. She scuttled alongside the nun, passed the scriptorium and the great oak door leading into the church until they reached the prioress’s private chamber.
Sister Agnes rattled the chain by the door, not too loud, but sufficiently to announce their arrival. Opening the door, she shoved Nadia through the gap and followed behind.
Before a small alter knelt the prioress, her rosary looped over one hand and her lips mouthing a string of Latin words. Nadia’s fate was doubly sealed: interrupting the Reverend Mother at prayer boded badly for her.


Seems to me that Nadia needs to find a better life outside the convent!

8 thoughts on “Missing vespers – #Wipitup”

  1. What is it about Catholic schools and nuns and misbehaving young ladies that so fires up a spanko’s imagination? I’d like to see more of this. I suspect Nadia’s going to have difficulty talking her way out of this.

  2. Oh no! It sounds like Nadia has gotten herself in to quite a pickle. I wonder what’s going to happen to her.

    I think that this will turn out to be a great historical! 🙂

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