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It’s My Sexy Saturday and the theme is Sexy Girl.  I took a plunge into my back catalogue, and it seemed the obvious place to re-visit was Touched. Tania has lost her self-confidence when it comes to men and sex, and she’s turned to the help of a tantric massage parlour and Adam. Things have gone a little further than what she originally anticipated and he’s invited her to meet him in a hotel room for a special massage… and sex….


Her long silver top hung down and cleaved to the tops of her thighs, while her jeans hugged her hips, showing off her contours. It had been her third choice of outfit. The others had been discarded for either being too revealing or insufficiently attractive. She’d had a long internal debate about whether she wanted to look sexy or frumpy. Did she want to turn Adam on before he had laid a finger on her or make him work for his erection?

“You look lovely,” he said, mirroring her thoughts. “But I’d prefer you naked.”



touched_800Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely.

Tania Havers has no time for sex, never mind romance or boyfriends. Life as an investment analyst in the City of London gives her plenty of stress and competition from equally ambitious work colleagues.

On the advice of a friend, Tania tries out something different—tantric massages. Meeting Adam, an erotic masseur with hands that send her into sensual oblivion, she begins a covert affair, one that takes them out of the massage parlour, into a hotel room, then to her apartment and finally his basement, where Adam shows Tania his secret passion—one he wishes to explore with her.

While their erotic pastimes bring relief, Tania’s career intrudes on their relationship. Driven by ambition, she will deal with obstacles as she sees fit. Adam is about to find out whether Tania has room in her life—and in her heart—for him or whether she will sacrifice their love to save her career.



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How to describe the first encounter of two potential lovers? The pivotal moment when the first words are spoken, eyes meet and features appraised – the creation of a mutual arena of discovery, where both characters explore and familiarise themselves with each other. What if it happened in the workplace, or at a party, perhaps a blind date, or a chance meeting in the street? Plenty of possibilities, but, how to make it special or unusual? How to add an element of adventure, risk-taking and temptation?

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This month’s theme is favourite body parts and how they can inspire creativity. A phobia and love affair with hands since childhood inspired Jaye Peaches’ latest novel Touched, which explores an erotic affair between a city girl and a Tantric masseur who connect through touch. Massage can unlock creativity and enable a shift in perspective and we love the idea of massaging words on the page. We can celebrate our hands through gesture and articulation, Second Skin jewellery, a wrist tattoo or painted nails… 

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