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Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  It’s nearly February, nearly the end of winter. In the colder months, cuddling up and keeping warm is always an option 🙂 . Here’s an warming snippet from Viola’s Heart Strings. Anton and his new wife, Viola, are discussing his expectations, including what will happen when she disobeys him. Viola has never been spanked before…


“All I ask is that when I need you, you are available and ready to serve me. Serve me, Viola, as a good wife.”

“By spanking me—”

“Don’t dwell on the negative. Already you assume the worse. I might never be required to seek such a harsh method. My pleasure comes from teaching you, watching you grow and mature, and become a woman, who will excel in many ways. You’ll be my princess in the bedchamber. You should be proud of what you are going to achieve for me.”

Anton’s tone of voice kindled strange sensations in her loins—a fizz of expectation. “Many ways?” she murmured.

“Think of our bed as a playground, a place of pleasure and delight. You will be surprised at what gives a woman pleasure.” His mouth twitched and he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand.



SRR nomineeDon’t to forget to vote!  The Spanking Romance Reviews nominations are up for the best spanking romance fiction for 2015 and 5 of my books have been nominated: Viola’s Heart Strings, Indulge Me, Taken as Payment, His Lordship’s Mate and Mastering Meg.

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After a chance meeting, young Viola Pritchard finds herself married to the enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. The innocent Viola falls fast for her new husband. She loves him and only wishes to please him and be the wife he wishes her to be. She’s surprised to find that she craves Anton’s passionate and dominant lovemaking, and even lusts for him to take her in more erotic ways.

Determined not to repeat mistakes from his past, Anton tries to keep Viola at a distance. Her sweet submission and unflagging loyalty prove to be his weakness. The baronet introduces rules to ensure his new wife will remain obedient, not trusting that her intentions could be so pure.

When Viola discovers a series of secret rooms and a diary left behind by Anton’s late wife, she unearths a chilling mystery. With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola’s relationship reaches a crisis point. Can Viola crack the armor around her baronet’s safely guarded heart?




7 thoughts on “A fizz of expectation – #satspanks #spankingromance”

  1. Nice to know that his pleasure comes from teaching and watching her mature into a woman and not punishing her, though spankings can be pleasurable, too, and I’m sure he’ll teach her that as well. Congratulations on being a 2015 Spanking Romance nominee.

  2. Love this snippet Jaye. Excell in many ways…hmm. Love that he tells her she should be proud. Congratulations on the nomination 🙂


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