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I’m welcoming Jane Henry to my blog. She’s a new author and has published her first D/s Erotic Romance. I’ve been looking forward to her visit and I love the cover of her book.

Here’s the blurb, which helps explain her unusual story.


Life is good for Meredith and her husband Paolo, when a terrible car accident leaves Paolo disabled. As he distances himself emotionally, Meredith seeks consolation in her fantasy world. Escaping into her erotic romance books not only helps keep the loneliness at bay, but also awakens in her a curiosity about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle.

The day she stumbles upon a website forum of actual submissives and dominants, her life is forever changed. These are not characters created by authors. They are real people who engage in real life dominance and submission. As her knowledge grows, she learns there is one question only she can answer—is she truly submissive, or is the fantasy better left on the pages of a book?

In a last ditch effort to discover who she really is, Meredith agrees to pledge her obedience to an anonymous on-line Dom. She convinces herself it can’t be considered cheating if her Dom is just a faceless entity in cyberspace. But the first time she’s given an order, it all becomes too real. Will her devotion to please her on-line Dom take precedence over her flesh and blood husband? Will Meredith’s journey of self-discovery destroy their marriage or will they somehow find a way to begin again?


Intrigued? Here’s an excerpt.


She swallowed, as her phone lit up with the familiar picture of the rose and belt. Damn these stupid covers. She looked over her shoulder, even though she was alone, pulled a blanket on her lap, and began to read.

Tanner paced the length of his office, mulling over how the rest of the night would have to go. He hated when he had to punish Sylvia, and he hoped it would be a good long while before she did something deserving of punishment again. But she’d disobeyed him, and he well knew how important it was to follow through, teaching her that he meant what he said. She’d cried when he punished her, but he knew it was a cleansing cry, and consistent discipline was a necessary reinforcement of their roles.

It wasn’t that he hated spanking her. There was nothing more deeply erotic to him than dominating the sweet girl who’d pledged to give him her obedience. The feel of his leather belt in his hand. Her submissive posture, awaiting her reckoning. The sound of the leather connecting with her naked skin, and the way she turned a bright red under his discipline. But it was always a battle for him.

The battle to contain his temper for her willful disobedience. The battle not to give in to the desire to fully unleash his strength upon her. The battle not to throw down his belt and take her, to maintain his distance and see through her punishment to the end, where he achieved her repentance.

There were times, though they were much more frequent early on and rarer now, when she behaved like a spoiled brat. It was easy to discipline her then, intuitive, as every warning bell would go  off that she needed to be stopped, and his hands would act almost of their own accord. These were not moments of contemplation and meting out discipline, but immediate correction. A toss of her head, arms crossed in defiance, or a muttered curse word, and he’d haul her over his lap without a backward glance. But deliberate disobedience…making her wait for her punishment…the knowledge that she waited for him and he’d have to drive home his authority over her, was an entirely different experience.

She lay in his arms afterward, his shirt wet with her tears. He’d smoothed her hair and hushed her until her hitched breathing became rhythmic and steadied. Some masters insisted that a slave was not to have aftercare. But his girl needed it, and he’d not deny her the forgiveness she craved from him.

As he’d paced his office afterward, as she slept, he faced what had been eating at him for weeks now.

It was time to take her to the next level. She was ready for more.


BeginAgainAvailable at Amazon, Blushing Books, and Barnes and Noble


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