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otk-sat-spanks-dusty-rose.pngTaking a trip back in time to my first Sci-Fi book, Bound by her Promise, and this week’s excerpt tells of a paddling. Lysa, the contracted wife of Blake, has discovered the punishment room, which is located on the moon’s mining colony. Blake isn’t happy she knows about it, since it’s where the dastardly constable likes to punish his unfortunate victims. However, Blake warned Lysa that if she went there, it would cost her paddling.



She waved her bottom in the air. An absent-minded gesture and immediately she wished she hadn’t draw attention to her naked rear.

“Are you provoking me?” he snapped from the other end of the room.

“No.” She cringed, screwing up her eyes.

“Spread your legs wider, so you are lying flat on the table.”

She complied, shuffling her feet apart.

He brushed his hand down her crevice, then circled his hand around each of her lobes. She wriggled.

“I’ve paddled a few bottoms since I’ve arrived on this hell hole. Yours, by far, is the most attractive one.”

A mortifying bloom of heat rushed across her face. “Do you have to paddle my poor bottom?”

“Yes. Six times. You want proof I’m not the constable? I’m going to show you.”

She readied herself, gripped the edge of the table and held her breath.



boundbyherpromise_fullWhen twenty-two-year-old Lysa travels to the Outer Rim Colony on Callisto to be a miner’s wife, she isn’t in it for love or even for the fairly generous pay. She undertakes the voyage because the government refuses to let women into technological fields, and the mining colony is her only chance at learning in secret. But upon reaching the colony, it isn’t long before Lysa wonders if she is in way over her head.

Blake, the man she is to marry, brings her almost immediately to the colony doctor for an incredibly thorough, humiliating medical examination. Even more disturbing is the fact that apparently her marriage contract gives Blake the right to discipline her when he feels it necessary, including by means of a bare-bottom spanking.

After Lysa confesses to Blake the real reason she came to the colony, he reluctantly agrees to help her as long as she promises not to neglect her wifely duties. To her surprise, despite her new husband’s less-than-enlightened views on how a misbehaving wife should be dealt with, Lysa soon find herself both enjoying his company and craving his skilled, dominant lovemaking. But when the head of the colony learns that Lysa is illegally studying to be an engineer and that Blake is helping her, will they be forced apart forever?

Publisher’s Note: Bound by her Promise is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

5* Review Amazon (UK):

Great characters, great scenario. I don’t read that much sci fi and when I do I’m picky. Jaye Peaches creates a believable futuristic world in which women are little more than sex objects and goes on to craft a story around the one who won’t conform. Lysa is feisty, ambitious, sexually adventurous, and she’ll need all this and more to get through her stint as a ‘Corporation’ wife, on loan to her miner husband to keep him happy during an arduous tour of duty on the Outer Rim. The heat between these two sizzles from the start. Blake is sexy, honest, caring and stern, but he adores his unconventional bride and will do all he can to protect her, including delivering a good spanking. And she certainly needs his help in the face of corporate cruelty and injustice. This book will appeal to sci fi lovers, and to anyone who likes a bit of domestic discipline on the way to their HEA. A BIG bit- it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you like your spankings hot but with a compelling plot too, this is for you


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