I won’t have anarchy – #wipitup

WIPimage12I’ve submitted my latest Sci-Fi for editing and in the meantime, I’m sharing a sneak little (unedited) snippet.

Freya has been sentenced to life on a penal colony on the other side of the galaxy. The new governor, Marco, has been tracking her activities since she arrived. The prisoners are left to their own devices and nowhere is safe for her.


They were alone. Just Marco and the boxes of medication. She wanted to reach in and filch the antibiotics while she could. Instead, she stood against the wall, while the governor paced up and down.

“Fresh off the transporter and within days you nearly get raped. Do you realise what a foolish thing you’ve just done?” Marco waved at the building. “This is a den of the worst kind. How did you get involved in a black market?”

She bit back a retort. “It was a gamble. But that’s what life is about sometimes.”

“Not for me. I take control of situations. I trouble shoot. I weed out the bad guys. That’s my background. This is how I found out you’re involved and in danger.”

Why was she important to him? They’d hardly spoken and his key introduction to her was witnessing her humiliating examination. “How did you know I was here?”

He halted his pacing and tapped his neck. “Remember?” Walking straight up to her, he rested his hands on either side of her head, trapping her in place. “I’ve only been here a few days also, but I can tell you, things are going to change. This is a penal colony. I won’t have anarchy.”

She stared up at him. He’d a commanding presence, not just the physical strength of his body, he exuded something else, something enticing. Was it the piercing gaze of his eyes, which pinned her down, the firm lines of his lips or the thickened muscles of his neck that mesmerised her. A bead of sweat trickled down his brow. He’d burst into the building as if he had been running. He was excited, energised, not just angry. He didn’t trust his men to do the job alone. He had come in person to rescue her. The thought of him dashing out of his protective dome to find her, thrilled her. She licked her trembling lips. However, not everything he said made sense.

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  1. Hi Jaye, finally getting to visit some blogs again. Ooh, a new book in the works. Interesting premise and great teaser, definitely looking forward to reading more 🙂


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