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WIPimage12Welcome to Wipitup Wednesday, when I share a snippet from my current work in progress. My latest is a Sci-Fi spanking romance set on a penal colony on a distant planet, which is ruled by the Vendu. The new governor, Marco, is been shown around the facilities, including a place for housing the concubines – the jenjin.


When he’d explored the city, he’d located the official Volta—the pleasure facility that a penal or military colony provided for their soldiers. The female Vendu in charge of the Volta, whose name was Lalita, had given him a personal tour of the facilities. The rooms with their specialist furniture and equipment, the quarters where the jenjins slept and socialised, and in one corner of the exotic building, which was isolated by a thick wall, the punishment suite.

“We have strict rules, Governor,” Lalita had said. “Protocols and rituals to ensure the jenjins are maintained in the perfect state of readiness. If they refuse to comply, we apply swift punishments on your behalf. Now, sir, we can provide you with a girl, or if you wish, you can select your own.”

“You carry out the discipline?” he’d asked as he swept his eyes around the room, taking in the varied implements, benches and other devices. He’d swallowed hard, and his cock instinctively hardened in his pants as he imagined the scenarios racing around in his head.

“We have highly trained disciplinarians—all females who specialise in extracting the best behaviour and sexual ability from our jenjins. Vendu citizens naturally. The servants are sourced from the stock of older prisoners or retirees—trusted ones who look after the girls for us. Spanking is our preferred punishment. Harmless if done correctly and effective.”

Marco eyed the rods hanging from the wall. “I’m fully versed with the techniques. Which is why I wish to do my own disciplining.”

Lalita smiled, a slow spread of her lips. “Of course, Governor. This room is free for you to use. Do you have some-one in mind?”

Up in here, in the domed city, she’d be safe and in a strictly controlled environment. Where as down there, he dreaded what might happen to her. “I’m working on it,” he’d replied.


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  1. This sounds intriguing Jaye and the excerpt is a great teaser. Definitely looking forward to reading more 🙂


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