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WIPimage12More from my latest work in progress for this week’s Wipsters. Freya is a prisoner on a penal colony, ruled by the alien race, the Vendu. She’s been chosen by the colony’s governor, Marco, to be his special companion, you know the kind and she just about to find out what that entails in more detail.


The room allocated to the governor for his private use was vast. The bed took centre stage with piles of cushions heaped around it. Pictures of exotic landscapes hung from the walls alongside cabinets and wardrobes. There were plenty of mirrors too, not just on the walls, but attached to the ceiling above her head. She’d not seen her reflection in weeks and the sight of her long hair tangled about her tanned face was shocking. How did Marco find her sexy dressed in the dreary work clothes, no makeup and sun tired skin? “Oh dear,” she muttered, tugging at a knotted lock of hair.

Lalita patted her arm. “Don’t fret. We’re quite adept at transformation.” She gestured to the bathroom while speaking to Marco. “In there we can bathe her, dress her hair, polish her nails and give her a deep cleansing. Then, you may avail yourself as you wish.”

Marco nodded. “Please perform the necessary preparations. All of them.”

love seatLalita pushed open the frosted door and nudged Freya through it. The bathroom was bigger than the bedroom. However, it wasn’t its size that brought her to a sudden halt, but the contents. She expected to see the shower cubicle—the walk-in kind with seats around the outside—the bath tub that could accommodate three or four people wasn’t a surprise either. What shocked her was the contraption in the middle of the room. “Is that a love seat?” she asked.

“Indeed,” Lalita touched the back of it. “Sloped for your back to rest against, adjustable armrests which can be positioned in all directions and the foot rests. It permits you legs to be spread wide and bent, while opening your vagina and anus for examination and cleansing. We have many of these seats in the Volta. They are very popular. This one is designed for wet use, it can be even placed under the shower. Others allow the female to bend over, raising her bottom for access and her head in the correct position for oral pleasuring. Entirely adjustable and versatile. It will be where you rest during your enema.”

“Enema!” shrilled Freya. “Nobody is going to—”

“Freya,” Marco’s stern voice cut across her complaint. “This is a requirement.”


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6 thoughts on “The necessary preparations – #wipitup”

  1. Hi Jaye, I am so intrigued by this book and love the premise.

    Enjoyed the excerpt. Oh no, an enema is a requirement. I would balk too!


  2. Hair styling and a manicure and a bath sounded so lovely, but I don’t blame her for balking at the enema!! I’m afraid I’d balk at that, as well! Great snippet!

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