Open up for me – #wipitup

WIPimage12I’ve just time to share from my current work in progress, which hopefully will be published in the next couple of weeks. I can reveal the title – Chosen by the Governor

Freya is a prisoner on a penal colony and she’s been chosen by the colony’s governor, Marco, to be his jenjin, a woman assigned to give him pleasure.  Initially, she wasn’t sure, but since Marco isn’t one for small talk, she’s quickly adapting to his ways.


She turned to complete another length of the pool and as she closed in on the far end, she lifted her face out of the water and touched the side of the pool with her outstretched hand. The room had gone silent. Brushing the drops off her eyelashes, she came face to face with a pair of shiny black boots. Slowly, she tilted her head back. What a colossus Marco was when stood above her. He’d planted his legs astride and rested his hands on his hips.

She licked her lips, which had suddenly gone dry. Did he expect her to kneel in the pool? Everyone else in the room had knelt with their heads bowed; nobody had left. She and Marco had an audience—what did he plan to do in the presence of witnesses? She started to move towards the steps.

“Stay there,” Marco ordered.

She snapped her back straight and looked up at him again. He was undressing. Tiny gasps relayed around the room as the other jenjins sneaked a view of the governor’s fine physique.

He removed his jacket and shirt and exposed the lines of his tattoos, then without any sign of embarrassment, he dropped his pants. The length of his upright cock drew another ripple of exclamations.

Was he really going to do this? She froze to the spot and remained there as Marco stepped down into the water and swam towards her. Why hadn’t he dismissed the others?

Approaching her from behind, Marco looped his arms under her breasts and slotted his hard cock against her lower spine. He kissed the top of her head and at the same time, slid his right hand down over her belly and between her legs. He dove his middle finger inside her tight pussy.

Freya shivered, but it wasn’t because she was cold. She felt incredibly warm, yet she was covered in goose-bumps. “We’re not alone,” she whispered in English.

“I know,” he replied in the same language. “You’re mine. I want to show them that you’re mine.”


He rested his chin on her shoulder. “Because I can. I’m the governor and you’re my beautiful jenjin. They will see how I cherish you. Need you.”

Freya couldn’t find within her the willpower to be indignant, nor was she inhibited by his openly flirtatious behaviour. To hide her growing arousal, she clamped her thighs together and squashed his exploring digits.

Marco chuckled softly. “Open up, little jenjin. Open up for me.”

She nearly hesitated, but something about his stern, yet encouraging tone of voice, wiped out her resistance. She slid her legs apart.

“Hold onto the edge.” He’d switched back into Vendian and spoken louder.

“I’ll hold the edge, sir.” She remembered the etiquette and obeyed, clutching the tiled rim of the pool.

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