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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday and a little romance in France. Two wine tasters and one hot tub. Saffron is discovering more about her new boyfriend Gideon.


Remaining low, she scooted across to join him. He placed his hand on her thigh and she parted her legs. She hadn’t invited him, but he assumed anyway, and he slid his hand up and touched her sex. She moaned, tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

With his hand under the water, he played with her. Hidden from the view under a swirl of foam, he teased, probed and pinched. She couldn’t sense her wetness, but it had to be developing rapidly. The water fizzed about her nipples, tickling them, while underwater, she squirmed as he inserted a finger inside her pussy.

Throughout his finger fucking, he kissed and pecked her mouth and exposed neck with nibbles. She tried to copy him, let her hands explore, but she’d gone peculiarly weak and incapable. Close to achieving a climax, she must have shaken her head or something—an attempt to stave off the orgasm. Gideon withdrew his finger.

The dip in her arousal woke her up. She reached out and stroked his erection, which poked up from his lap. An easy target for her to find, so she swung across his legs and straddled him, keeping her knees on the small shelf on either side. Rising up, she captured the tip of his cock at her opening and paused.

Gideon gripped her waist, squeezed her sides until she gasped. He looked at her with an impassive expression, and when he tilted his head back, the sunshine lit up his eyes. Nothing was said between them as she ground down and enveloped him, twisting onto his cock in the same way she’d seen him pierce a cork with a corkscrew. Inspired, she screwed him, ensuring her bottom rested on his lap.

Once in place, she nipped his lower lip with her teeth. With a grin, she rode him, bumping up and down, and splashing water over the edge of the tub. The pinch about her hips tightened, almost painfully. She gasped as he bounced her on his lap, spearing deep inside her clenching tunnel with the head of his penis.

Her movements became frantic as she tried to avoid a frustrating plateau. The budding orgasm edged closer, threatening to burst her apart. She wanted to scream the place down. She didn’t give a fuck where they were— she’d lost her inhibitions.


Indulge Me – Available on Kindle Unlimited 

IM JP 400x600As a successful wine taster, Saffron uses her senses everyday in the job she loves. When she meets Gideon she starts to question her lacklustre love life, the string of bad relationships and especially the breakup with her former co-worker.

Gideon is an attractive sommelier, and as she finds out, he compliments her in every way professionally and personally. When Saffron surrenders her body to him, she embarks on an indulgent journey of passion and self-discovery.  Gideon encourages Saffron to explore her secret fantasies and desires, those sensual pleasures that come with his dominant love-making. However, she’s dismayed when she discovers his dishonesty and to make matters worse, somebody from her past is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved.

Just when Saffron finds happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of her life, a scandal threatens to ruin everything. Will her career endure the slander of a spurned lover? Can she find a way to understand Gideon’s secret desires and learn to trust him again?

Amazon 5*:

What a provocative, sexy read! Jaye writes the love story between Saffron and Gideon against the backdrop and intrigue of the high-class, elite world of wine-tasting. Mix in a little BDSM, a double-crossing ex, and true love, and you have a story that begs you to read until the last drop. I read it with a glass of pinot noir and found them both delicious.

Employment in the same field spurs these two characters to meet, but smoking hot chemistry keeps them together. I loved watching Saffron and Gideon’s story unfold. A very sexy, elegant read. So very well written, the story was intriguing, the characters engaging, and the love making smoking hot!

A delicious book and made more so if you enjoy wine tasting events. This book is written so well, I found myself tasting the wines as they spat. It is a very good love story and we are held in suspense untill the end as to the real Gideon. The book is full to the brim with erotic lovemaking. There is revenge from Saffron’s ex. I like the end, very good book Ms Peaches.


In this Jaye Peaches story she takes her characters Gideon and Saffron to a wine growing region in France and back to the hallowed halls of wine collections & collectors back in Britain. Their new relationship is challenged when Saffron’s professional integrity is called into question by a jealous rival. Gideon introduces Saffron to D/s dynamic and the Author does a great job in writing this element of the relationship. I have had Jaye Peaches on my must buy list since her Trust Me series and she has again crafted a well written interesting BDSM story with grit and character.

Crystal Many Reviewers:

Gideon and Saffron have great chemistry in this story – again think Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver with all the same humor just a bit kinkier and lots of wine. Giddeon is both a caring, white knight alpha male mixed with a little dominance and Saffron is a strong, independent women who has had some bad luck with love. Together they complement each other and create some hot, hot, scenes.  

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