A picture tells a story #1 #flashfiction #writingprompt

I enjoy writing short stories, really short ones. It keeps the creative mind alert and I like the challenge of a writing prompt. However, trying to find an erotic flash fiction challenge, or one that wouldn’t ban me for writing spanking or erotic content, is hard. So I’m starting my own.

Whether it’s a quote or a picture, I’ll find a writing prompt. I’ll post it at the beginning of the week and by Thursday/Friday, I’ll put up a story. Now, I need a few rules to keep myself in check:

  • No more than 500 words, but as little as I like. It could be poem if I’m short on time.
  • Something related to the prompt – it can begin it, or end it. It could be the background or the action, the setting or the people or maybe the words incorporated into the story.
  • It’s going to be erotic or romantic, possibly spanking or kink, but not every time. It depends on what comes to mind.
  • It got to be original. No excerpts or works in progress. If it turns into something bigger, great, that’s what I find flash fiction useful for – story ideas.
  • No cliffhangers. Preferably a beginning, middle and some kind of conclusion.


So here’s my first picture prompt:kissing in the car


If you want to join in, then you can post on you’re on blog then add the link to here. I’ll add them to the bottom of my story post. 


See you later in the week!

1 thought on “A picture tells a story #1 #flashfiction #writingprompt”

  1. Fantastic idea Jaye. I enjoyed reading your last flash fiction piece and look forward to reading more. I might just leave the writing to you though 🙂


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