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WIPimage12I’ve been absent from here for a few weeks while I work on a new project. It’s been a drawn out affair, slower than usual. I’m working on a contemporary paranormal tale with plenty of kinky scenes. Including this one where David takes Anna, his new submissive, into his dungeon.


The door creaked open and he switched the light on. “Please kneel facing the corner, over there,” he pointed to the dimmest part of the room. “I’ve a few preparations to make before I punish you.”

He liked saying the word. Punish. To say it in anger or malice would be wrong. To utter it with a trivial snicker of delight, also. She had to hear it as she needed it—a desire for discipline borne out of lust, not any kind of intrinsic disobedience.  Anna believed in him and for her, acting bratty was a means to an end. By the end of the scene, she’d be more compliant than ever.

What a fucking responsibility, he thought as he selected a few implements from the wall, weighing them in his hands, judging their potential. A little of this and that to warm her up, then if she had it in her, he would try a greater degree of humiliation.

“Would you cry if I spank you hard?” he’d asked after one fun session of spanking.

“You haven’t spanked me hard yet?” Her voice had trembled a little.

“Baby, I’m not going to harm you, but pain is a processing thing. Done right, you can build it up, then you’ll find it is the emotions that kick in. The pain gets fuzzy.” He’d no personal experience, but he had the feedback of several submissives to know how they liked it.

Now, here in his dungeon, he felt reasonably optimistic she understood what he required from her.

“Up and stand in front of the pillory.” He lifted the upper board. “Bend over.”

She was shaking and the surface of her skin showed a multitude of little shivering bumps. However, her cheeks were flushed pink. She wasn’t cold.

He imagined the internal battle raging in her mind. To submit to him, enjoy the pleasure of his control, or back out. She hesitated and he gave her the time, knowing she was a newcomer to the pillory. The rim of the neck and wrist holes were padded with a veneer of suede. The catch that held the upper board in place across the back of her neck was reachable with her fingers. He’d demonstrated the safety features to her during another more informative visit to the basement. This time, he expected no questions.

She lowered herself and settled her neck over the dip of the hole. Gathering up her hair, he swept it forward over to the other side of the pillory so it wouldn’t be trapped by the upper board. Slowly he brought it down, letting it rest on the bottom board. She wriggled her hands, noting they couldn’t be withdrawn back through the holes.

He admired the view of her bent ass. The sheen of redness from his early spanking still visible. Fuck, what a fantastic sight.


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