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For this week’s snippet of spanking delights, I’ve chosen Mastering Meg. A contemporary tale of two spanking enthusiasts who meet at work. Jeremy is the new dentist in town and Megan is the feisty receptionist. Their first encounter didn’t go quite well and now Meg is about to find out Jeremy knows her secret.


“Alan Paxton-Smith. Owns that amazing old farmhouse with the barn. You were in the barn.”

My heart goes whizz-bang, as if a firework had gone off in my chest. “Oliver and the barn.” I’m saying it as if I’ve no idea what he’s talking about, but I do. I remember the night vividly, but not Jeremy. I’d been focused on Oliver and nobody else. Most of the evening was spent lying across his lap or… I gulp; he didn’t see me over that, did he?

“Fantastic barn. I’m hoping to visit again.” He fiddles with the coffee machine. He’s making the conversation sound ordinary, vanilla, like it is nothing special. The water reservoir makes a gurgling sound and coffee finally drips down into his mug.

“There. Fixed.”

I’m backed against the wall by now, with leaden feet and eyes wide open, staring at his broad back. I’m speechless, too.

“Now. Yesterday, I witnessed something unpleasant, didn’t I?” He turns and stirs his coffee, rattling the spoon on the edge of the mug.

I gawp in shock. I’d hoped he’d forgotten about the incident with Mrs. Pollock.

“Cat got your tongue?” He drops the spoon on the table.


mastering meg contemporary spanking storyWhen Megan is rude to a troublesome patient at the dental clinic where she works, the man who catches her in the act is none other than the tall, dark, and handsome Dr. Jeremy Rawlings. After informing Megan that it is clear from her behaviour that she is in desperate need of discipline, Jeremy instructs her to remain at the office after work for a sound spanking.

Despite her embarrassment at the prospect of such a humiliating punishment, Megan finds herself doing as she is told. Once her panties are down and her bottom is properly bared, her spanking turns out to be firm, unyielding, and painfully thorough. But Jeremy’s manner during her chastisement is sincere and kind, and before she knows it she has promised to apologize sincerely for her rudeness.

Though his standards for her are exacting, Megan finds herself more aroused by Jeremy than she has been by any man before, and she doesn’t hesitate to agree when he asks her to be his submissive. But will her penchant for mischief and defiance mean that she spends most of her time with a red bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Meg is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Spanking Romance Reviews:

I really enjoyed this story and it will join a handful of others that I will read again and again. I tend to do this with my favorites because to me reading about characters I loved again is a little like visiting old friends.

Meg’s journey was beautiful to behold, her moments of uncertainty and feeling a little lost were something I think most of us can identity with on some level. Jeremy’s loving patience, firm guidance and stern discipline were exactly what she needed to fully embrace her submission. Add in lots of hot spanking action and steamy sex and it’s a winner for me.

Manic Readers Review:

Wow! I may never look at a dentist’s chair again without thinking of Mastering Meg! Meg is a dental receptionist with an attitude, that new dentist Jeremy wants to change. They are attracted to each other, but when they find out both belong to a BDSM group, Jeremy knows he has found a way to adjust Meg’s attitude.

This is primarily a spanking story, with D/s thrown in. There’s no real story except love, learning more about submission, and there is no black moment or hero’s journey. Meg has something of a heroine’s journey, but it’s more a refinement of what she already knows, rather than any great life revelation. It’s a good short read if spanking is what you want, and will only take up an afternoon.

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  1. Oops! It’s definitely a no-no to treat a patient badly, no matter the reason. I suspect Jeremy is about to make that point very clear to Megan in no uncertain terms. Loved the snippet, Jaye.

  2. Great snippet Jaye, Jeremy has her number! Uh oh, I think the conversation is about to become more uncomfortable.


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