April Vine and the Billionaire’s Bride

April Vine’s billionaire has left Kassandra breathless and speechless – me, too!

The Billionaire’s Bride


thebillionairesbride_fullTwenty-three-year-old heiress Kassandra Elliot is used to doing as she pleases, so it comes as quite a surprise when handsome billionaire Domenico Bellini confronts her at a nightclub and tells her he is taking her home at her father’s request, whether she likes it or not. When she resists, Domenico tosses her over his shoulder, spanks her, and then makes it clear that she can either behave herself and listen to what he has to say or face more humiliating consequences.

Once he has her attention, Domenico informs Kassandra that their great-grandfathers signed a pact which requires him to wed her as a condition of their families keeping their inheritances. Though she is shocked by the idea of marrying a man she barely knows, Kassandra cannot bear the thought of letting her family down and she hesitantly agrees to the arrangement.

Domenico knows that his beautiful, feisty young wife needs to be taken in hand, but a tragedy earlier in his life makes him reluctant to show her the full extent of his dominance. Before long, however, he finds himself unable to resist the desire to strip her bare, spank her hard, and claim her thoroughly. Their passion is soon burning hotter with each passing day, but when they learn the dark secrets of each other’s pasts will that knowledge bind them together or tear them apart?


A portion of the wall featured a glossy wooden cross and near it a large leather chair. Other contraptions she had no idea what to call filled her vision: a curved bench, a padded chest with protruding arms, a swing hanging from the ceiling. Whips, canes, paddles, crops, floggers decorated the walls. Beautiful cages from tiny to normal-sized were interspersed throughout the room. And even an extravagant play-horse that reminded her of ones she’d seen on a carousel at a fair formed part of the room’s decorative nature.

In her mind, she knew she had taken seconds to scan the room yet the images would remain with her as if she had looked at it for all her life already. Would he strap her to the cross and then take a seat and watch her? Would she be naked? Would he tie her to his bed by her wrists and ankles and do what he wanted to her? Would he make her straddle those benches while he spanked her? Would he put her in a cage when she was naughty? She bit her lip as she mentally placed herself in every contraption he owned in the room.

The light fabric of the dress she wore stifled her. She couldn’t suck enough air into her lungs to think straight. Everything in her head amounted to a fuzzy mess. And yet a portion of herself, a huge, calm, clean, and logical part of herself saw everything with a clarity she’d never possessed before. She knew what to do, what to say as if she were born to be this person. The permission, the confirmation, the realization all fit together and made her who she was meant to be.

The weight of her self-discovery scared her. Its powerful hold on her frightened her. She spun around and immediately found herself in Nico’s arms.


She looked up into his eyes and couldn’t avoid the tears that started to flow down her cheeks. What was going on with her? Everything inside her felt excited and scared and happy and sad at the same time. She trembled from her head to her toes, forcing her to hold onto his jacket for dear life or she’d fall over backward.

“Kassandra, do you want to leave?” he asked, tilting her chin up when she lowered her face into his chest.

She shook her head.

“Does this room frighten you?”

She shook her head. Where were her words? Why couldn’t she say something?

“Tell me how you feel. I need to know.” The raspy urgency in his voice made her want to please him but she couldn’t formulate her thoughts properly.


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