A scoundrel – #wipitup

A super quick WipitUp post. I’m on vacation, close to Wales. However the work in progress I want share is based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Claire has turned up unexpectedly at Felix’s castle, which is by a loch. He’s not pleased as he thought she was in England. Her clothes are still in transit and she’s woken up with nothing to wear and the housekeeper, Mary, on the prowl.


Claire wrapped a blanket around her and tiptoed out of the bedchamber. She was ravenous. Half-way across the floor of the solar, she heard footsteps approach her from behind.

“My dear, what ails ye?”

Claire spun around to face Mary, whose eyes sparkled with unsuppressed humour.

“I…I’m hungry,” Claire stuttered.

“Och, I could bring you something to eat in bed, if you’d asked. And ye be wanting ye gown, too.”

“My baggage is stuck in Garve,” she said, dragging the tartan up to her chin.

Mary grinned. “The gown ye worn last night, is what I meant.”

“It’s filthy.”

“It was,” agreed Mary. “But, I washed and dried it before the kitchen fire. I’ll go fetch it.” She began to walk towards the far door.

Bless her, what a saint Mary was. Another thought entered into her mind. “Wait, Mary, did his lairdship know that I had a clean gown to wear this morning?”

“Och, to be sure,” she nodded. “He asked me last night while you shivered in bed to make sure it were fresh for the morning.”

Claire’s lips pressed into a frown.

“Is there something wrong, Miss Armitage?”

“The scoundrel,” Claire muttered.

“He didnae tell you? Hah, men are rascals sometimes, but you’ll not find a better scoundrel than Felix Hughes. Even if he has the Welsh blood in his veins.” Mary’s cheeks were rosy, she cackled. “He wanted to make you walk this house bare, didn’t he? The laird knows what takes his fancy and ye have him hooked like a fish on its bait. He cannae takes his eyes off you.”

Claire displeasure ended with Mary’s mirth. She laughed, feeling the tension drain away as the old servant chortled with her. “I’ll be getting that dress and petticoats. The boy will be back soon with you baggage.”

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