The beast within – #wipitup

WIPimage12How long can he wait?  Felix needs all his self-control to hold off.

A snippet from my current work in progress, which is provisionally called The Highlander’s Mate. The clue in the title, yes, it’s Scottish and it’s also Regency and Paranormal. Something for everyone!


When she bared herself by removing the protective blanket, he almost glanced away. However, it was her gift to him—her body, unasked, unashamedly offered. He felt a stirring in his loins and the thump of his heartbeats against his sternum as he gazed upon her. She possessed marble white skin, flowing locks of wavy hair and plump lips. Her breasts with their cherry stone nipples were prominent and rounded, and her cleavage a perfect v-shape with gorgeous curves. She had no need of a cinching bodice, since her natural line was an hour glass shape. What a beauty.

His feelings for her soared to new heights when she knelt and offered her virginity to him. How easy it would be to conquer it. He relied on his human nature to stem the rise of his cock and crush those feelings that the beast within him harboured. Not now. Not yet, he told himself.



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  1. Great intriguing snippet Jaye, looking forward to hearing more about this book 🙂


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