Do you quicken? #wipitup

WIPimage12So after last week’s WIPitUp excerpt, it seemed like Felix couldn’t wait for Claire. Fortunately, neither can she!

Due out later this month – a paranormal historical set in the highlands of Scotland….


“Lie back.”

Standing over her, his shadow cast across the bed, he continued to smile. “So beautiful.” He moved over her, nudging her legs apart and knelt between them. Bending over her, he lowered his mouth. “Kisses first.”

She giggled, liking the sound of his sultry voice. The scar on his face had almost gone, the hair on his head shone with red streaks merging into the burnt brown locks. Those chocolate eyes of his deepened into pools and his lips parted to show pearly white teeth. What a handsome beast she’d found in the Highlands, and he was hers, as much as she was his.

He trailed kisses and tiny love bits over her neck and bosom. She squirmed, finding them ticklish. Several times, she gasped when he sucked hard on her nipples. She locked on to his shoulders at first, feeling the firm muscles. With a growing fascination to explore him, she skated her hands up and down his spine, dipping lower until she had her fingers spread over his rigid buttocks.

“Oh, gracious,” she murmured. He possessed magnificent haunches.

Felix moved lower and her hands could no longer reach so far. Licking his lips, he dove his head between her thighs and lay his mouth upon her labia.

She couldn’t breath, not at first. It was too overwhelming—the sensation he created with his tongue and lips, kissing and fluttering them into her slit and folds. She thumped the bed at her side and arched her back until her bottom lifted off the mattress.

Looping his arms around her thighs, he continued to pleasure her with his mouth.

“Oh, sir. What are you doing to me?” she moaned.

“Do you quicken?” he asked, raising his head.

She spied his eyes peering up over her mound. “Quicken?”

“Come? Are you about to come?” He lashed her with his tongue.

It felt closer, whatever it was. She had reached a plateau where the tingles seemed to intensify on one spot. “I…I'” she stuttered.

He broke off and shifted up her body until he was face to face with her. This time, he let his cock rest against her. The weight of it pressed down on her belly.

Was she ready?


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  1. I love this excerpt Jaye. Love how you wrote this, great descriptions and such a wonderful question, great way to put it lol


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