I’m in no hurry – #satspanks


Claire is in trouble. Due to her actions, Felix’s secret is at risk of exposure and she’s facing the consequences.


He remained a few feet away from her, waiting, his lips set firmly together.

She fumbled a little with the fastenings of her gown before stepping out of it. The petticoats, bodice, and shift lay beneath—the layers of warmth needed for the cold climate, except in the base of the castle where she didn’t feel cold. Her trembling had nothing to do with the cool chamber. She felt a heat in her heart as it beat faster and faster.

“All of it?” she asked.

“Aye. Take your time. I’m in no hurry. We can talk afterwards. Set this right between us. But, for now, you will be naked and humbled, bent over and punished.”


thehighlandersmateWhen Claire Armitage’s fiancé, Captain Felix Hughes, informs her that he must interrupt their courtship to travel to his estate in Scotland on urgent business, she is distraught. Refusing to wait patiently for his return as he instructed, she instead journeys to the highlands on her own to join him, but upon her arrival she quickly discovers that he will not tolerate such reckless behaviour.

Resolved to demonstrate to his future bride that disobedience will have consequences, Felix takes Claire over his knee for a thorough spanking on her bare bottom. But chastising her in such a fashion awakens desires in him that are too powerful to control, and to protect her innocence he attempts to send her back home to England until he can make her his wife.

Claire cannot be dissuaded from returning once more to Felix’s side, however, even if it means submitting to any punishment he sees fit and then surrendering completely to his lustful dominance. But when she learns the true reason for his visit to the ancient home of his family, and sees with her own eyes that Felix is much more than an ordinary laird, will Claire still yearn for him to claim her?

Publisher’s Note: The Highlander’s Mate is a stand-alone sequel to His Lordship’s Mate. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Awesome snippet Jaye, very sexy. Love that Felix is in no hurry and the contrast between the cool chamber and the heat in Claire’s heart.


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