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WIPimage12By the time this post is live, my manuscript will have been submitted to the publisher!  So following on from last’s weeks post, where Jade has been caught by a space marshal, Mason. She’s cooperating at the moment, but for how long?



She marched down the corridor, back straight, shoulders squared off. He admired her swaying hips and the tight line of her pants over her ass. It was too good a sight, she was making him stiff, a completely inappropriate response. She was an alien, almost, kind of… a different planet, same species—his teachers had taught him at school, so it made no difference when it came to carnal matters. He focused on the back of her head, telling himself she was no-one special, just another fugitive.

Reaching the airlock, she halted and wriggled her fingers in the air, making an obvious:  the speeder was designed for midgets. He had to squeeze through the small hatch when he’d boarded the craft.

“Duck your head,” Mason said, “I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

On the other side, they both straightened up. After a few steps along the tunnel, they approached the larger hatch joining their two ships. She hesitated, almost stumbling.

It was probably her first time on board a Titan Interceptor. It was nothing like her poky shuttle. As well as having one of the fastest drives in the sector, it had an outer hull that blended with its environment, effectively hiding it.

“Keep walking,” he said, indicating the corridor on her left.

She lowered her arms. “This is an interceptor—”


“An older model, though. They replaced this one with the delta version, didn’t they?”

He smothered a laugh. Jade had just insulted his pride, and yet, he wasn’t annoyed. “You think a marshal would be given a new interceptor? No, I earned it. I’m the highest ranked marshal in the sector. I got it after it was decommissioned from military service. Conveniently for me, Titan was used to transport troops or capture rebels, so it already had everything I need for holding fugitives. I’m the luckiest law enforcer, aren’t I? Most marshals are given the Chaser model. This way.” He held her elbow and guided her towards the detention suite.

If she’d been a male, by now, she would be bound, drugged and docile. Why hadn’t he treated her like the others? Had he finally succumbed to the effects of loneliness and wanted a companion?

He preferred to work alone. Marshals generally were loners. Cops liked working with teams, investigating and patrolling, whereas Mason wanted to hunt, capture and bring the worse offenders to justice and it was easier to work undercover alone, creeping up on his unsuspecting targets without the hindrance of others. He’d recently dropped off six fugitives at the courts, two of them murderers. If he managed to get the last three on his list, he would have achieved the best capture rate in his unit and with it, the bonus he needed.

The problem was the last three were the most dangerous fugitives in the sector and unknown to Jade, his rotten ship was no longer in good shape. If one more thing went wrong with it, he’d have to ditch it and return to using the mediocre Chaser. The last intelligence report from his informants indicated the first of his fugitives was hiding out on Kalamar, but unlikely to stay there long. The second was supposed to be hold up on a border space station and the third… he’d no news on him.

She halted again, just by the entrance to the medical bay and pivoted on the balls of her toes to face him.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

The neat line of her eyebrows had lowered and she peered at him, inspecting his clothing and boots. “How do I know you’re a marshal? You could be one of those traffickers.”

She had a point and he couldn’t blame her for questioning his credentials. If he was to gain her cooperation, he had to give her proof.

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  1. Hi Jaye, congratulations on sending the manuscript! The more I read of this the more I love it! Looking forward to reading more 🙂


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