Early morning riser – #mysexysaturday

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3Waking in the morning, Jason has one thing on his mind. For My Sexy Saturday’s Rising theme, I’ve chosen a scene from early on in To Know You. Gemma is finding out about Jason’s sexual tastes and what her new lover enjoys.


Waking up the next morning, stiff and aching, I kept my eyes shut and lay flat on my tummy for a while, willing myself to move. Those blue eyes of his would be drilling down, urging me to respond. I tingled from head to toe, feeling the wetness between my naked thighs. It was time to wake up. I turned my head to face Jason. He was sitting with his head against the backboard, and just as I suspected, he was staring at me. Throwing off the covers, he revealed his erection, then without speaking, he hoisted me over towards him. I assisted by clambering over his legs.

“Come, astride me, I want to see your gorgeous breasts.” He flicked one of my nipples with his index finger.

I slithered down onto his cock, impaling myself, while he pinched my waist. However, I wasn’t quite ready for his substantial erection. I bit my lower lip, attempting to sink lower and lower, adjusting the angle of my body to aid my descent. He offered no assistance, instead, he merely dug his fingers into my rump, as I squirmed and stretched. When my bottom landed with a bump, we started to move in tandem.

The familiarity of his cock, the way we fitted together, aided my endeavour to please him. He tipped his chin up, shut his eyes, and pressed his thin lips tight together, muting any sounds. I hung onto the headboard and notched up the pace. He must have been close, because his eyes sprung open. Reaching up to my nipples, he rolled and squeezed them both, before twisting. I cried out in pain, delighting in the sensation and the butterflies inside my belly somersaulted. I clenched his cock.

“Gem, oh Gem,” Jason moaned.

He continued to tweak my pebbles until I gasped and tears pooled in my eyes. Yet, I didn’t want him to stop this exquisite torment and it encouraged me to ride his cock harder.



What happens when a kink loving woman has to come to terms with a traumatic episode in her life? Can the broken submissive learn to trust again?

When Gemma Marshall resigns from a good job to work as a lowly intern in the heart of the City of London, immediately, the elusive company boss, Jason Lucas, seduces her.

Following a whirlwind of weekend trysts at his country mansion, Jason’s need to dominate her re-awakens her terrifying nightmares and leads to revelations from both of them.  What Jason seeks is an enduring relationship which means Gemma, if she wishes to win his heart and soul, has to return to the extraordinary life she’d left behind.

Can Gemma survive another relationship with an alluring master of the bedroom or will she finally turn her back on her natural desires?

Their passionate and highly erotic affair reaches crisis point when her ex-lover hunts her down, seeking retribution.

To Know You is a fictional account of two people who begin a journey together. It is a complete story.  Both characters are sexy and know what they want. Neither are novices, neither expect love in their relationship. One takes control and the other yields. In the bedroom, there are the erotic scenes of BDSM, discipline and romance.  The dynamic can be intoxicating—and dangerous.

Trust is key.  Communicating trust.  Building trust and maintaining integrity. And love? It’s not always about love – until Gemma meets Jason.


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