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WIPimage12Slow progress on editing my work in progress – the second in the Trust Me series with Gemma and Jason. To Own You begins with a wedding night…


The shimmering ivory gown amused Jason on the wedding night as he carefully removed the gown.
“Virginal white? Isn’t it somewhat untruthful, Mrs Lucas?” he uttered in her ear.
Gemma giggled. “Very true, Mr Lucas, but who is a virgin these days and anyway sex with you is so diverse I feel like a virgin each time.” She smiled as he released her breasts from the tight bindings of the dress.
“Why thank you, babe.”
garterThe removal of her wedding dress began the act of consummation. While Jason remained in his morning suit, Gemma was sedately stripped to her white lacy lingerie. The blue garter around her thigh maintained the necessary superstitious practices and caused Jason to offer a small quibble. He didn’t believe in superstitious customs. Gemma shrugged off his frown reminding him the garter was a gift from Trudy, her bridesmaid, and everyone Gemma knew—meaning what Gemma had read in a wedding planning book—did something borrowed and something blue. Jason let the topic drop, admitting she looked cute in the frilly garter.
She muffled a moan of delight when he ordered her to strip, and again when naked she lay back on the bed with her arms above her head. She knocked her knees together, hiding what he sought. Denying him the view was an easy tease. Peeling off his suit, his shirt and tie, Jason left on his underpants. He bulged beneath the silk.
wedding-night“Where first,” he smirked and leisurely removed his underpants. In the same nonchalant fashion, he crawled over the bed towards her. Gemma shivered with expectations and just as his erection betrayed his thoughts and desires, her wetness was her bodily reaction. His lips lowered to touch hers and she parted them to let out a satisfied sigh.
They made love with exquisite slowness and much use of their hands. Jason explored every facet of Gemma’s body as if to own her entirety. His lips joined his fingertips and he sucked her nipples until they were painful hard and erect. Burying his mouth between her legs, Gemma struggled to keep quiet. She wanted to scream as she came. That eruption of spasms was her first orgasm of the night. As she convulsed under him, he penetrated her slippery passageway and the head of his erection felt as if it had reach her belly. The thrusts were teasingly slow and he ground into her, pressing his hips and pelvis between her spread thighs.
He released a hot spurt of liquid inside her and she missed him the moment he withdrew. Wrapping his arms about her body they huddled in a crush of naked limbs.
“Please,” she whispered.
“Please what?” Jason replied. He egged her on with the serious tone of his voice.
“You’ve shown me you’re my husband. Show me my master,” she murmured and turned to face him. “It is Saturday night.” She mentioned the day because it was when she normally submitted to Jason, her beloved sensual Dominant, in his dungeon playspace.
“I see, you want your Dom to come out to play on our wedding night?” He raised eyebrow.
“Surely, he would want to come and take his possession, his willing submissive. I have given you my vow.”
“You have persuaded me, my love. My girl.”


Find out more about Jason and Gemma in their first book To Know You  and its partner book Trust Me: Beginnings

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