Two winter warming books in print #satspanks

otk-sat-spanks-dusty-rose.pngTwo of my books are now available in print (and Kindle Unlimited): Indulge Me and Viola’s Heart Strings. 

Here’s a snippet from the beginning of Viola’s Heart Strings.

She continued to wander about with little direction or purpose, and around her ankles the hem of rustic green dress collected dust. Her face flushed pink with more than the heat of the morning. He sensed she was lost and quite alone in her rambling. It was unwise of those responsible for her care to place such a vulnerable woman in a predicament. He wouldn’t have permitted it.

His wife would have known not to walk alone in a strange city. The young lady needed to understand her actions were foolish. His methods, the ones he had used in the past, would require certain lax attitudes to personal safety to result in punishment. Nothing harsh or terrible, but something to help remind her of her defencelessness. For a few seconds, he chuckled to himself then dismissed the visions of rouged cheeks from his. He abandoned them with blink of his eye. He’d sworn to himself he would not countenance such actions with another woman.


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After a chance meeting, young Viola Pritchard finds herself married to the enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. The innocent Viola falls fast for her new husband. She loves him and only wishes to please him and be the wife he wishes her to be. She’s surprised to find that she craves Anton’s passionate and dominant lovemaking, and even lusts for him to take her in more erotic ways.

Determined not to repeat mistakes from his past, Anton tries to keep Viola at a distance. Her sweet submission and unflagging loyalty prove to be his weakness. The baronet introduces rules to ensure his new wife will remain obedient, not trusting that her intentions could be so pure.

When Viola discovers a series of secret rooms and a diary left behind by Anton’s late wife, she unearths a chilling mystery. With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola’s relationship reaches a crisis point. Can Viola crack the armor around her baronet’s safely guarded heart?

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Read an excerpt – sent to the corner

5* Amazon Review

This was perhaps one of the best books I’ve ever read in the D/s genre (and I’ve read many!). Viola’s Heart Strings is an erotic, well-written tale about a young woman who meets and falls in love with a baron who has particular tastes: the need for control, obedience, and submission. As Viola learns to obey her husband, he teaches her to embrace her own sexuality inherent in her submission, and thus begins their sensual, sometimes dark, heavily erotic evenings of sexual pleasure. Though gentle and kind, her husband remains aloof, and Viola yearns to discover the secret he keeps from her and his mysterious past.

This book is deeply erotic but tastefully done, filled with mystery and intrigue, and unabashedly sensual in the exploration of power play, self giving, and love.

5* Amazon UK

Fabulous erotic story of concealed desire and irresistible passion. Characters really pulled me in. A great read, especially for those who like their history spicy and their heroes dark.



Indulge Me

As a successful wine taster, Saffron uses her senses everyday in the job she loves. When she meets Gideon she starts to question her lacklustre love life, the string of bad relationships and especially the breakup with her former co-worker.

Gideon is an attractive sommelier, and as she finds out, he compliments her in every way professionally and personally. When Saffron surrenders her body to him, she embarks on an indulgent journey of passion and self-discovery.  Gideon encourages Saffron to explore her secret fantasies and desires, those sensual pleasures that come with his dominant love-making. However, she’s dismayed when she discovers his dishonesty and to make matters worse, somebody from her past is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved.

Just when Saffron finds happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of her life, a scandal threatens to ruin everything. Will her career endure the slander of a spurned lover? Can she find a way to understand Gideon’s secret desires and learn to trust him again?

Amazon 5*:

What a provocative, sexy read! Jaye writes the love story between Saffron and Gideon against the backdrop and intrigue of the high-class, elite world of wine-tasting. Mix in a little BDSM, a double-crossing ex, and true love, and you have a story that begs you to read until the last drop. I read it with a glass of pinot noir and found them both delicious.

Employment in the same field spurs these two characters to meet, but smoking hot chemistry keeps them together. I loved watching Saffron and Gideon’s story unfold. A very sexy, elegant read. So very well written, the story was intriguing, the characters engaging, and the love making smoking hot!

A delicious book and made more so if you enjoy wine tasting events. This book is written so well, I found myself tasting the wines as they spat. It is a very good love story and we are held in suspense untill the end as to the real Gideon. The book is full to the brim with erotic lovemaking. There is revenge from Saffron’s ex. I like the end, very good book Ms Peaches.


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