Meet the Marshal – a sneak preview

It’s my latest work in progress and soon to be available… really soon!

A Sci-Fi spanking romance involving Space Marshal Mason, a loner who hunts down fugitives. On the way to capture a dangerous felon, he encounters Jade, flying a solo mission to smuggle supplies to a renegade planet. Captured, she has only one thought on her mind – escape. Following a rather intimate strip search, she’s still naked when the gravity system breaks, leaving her and Mason floating around his spaceship.

Here’s a sneak peek.


The moment she realised the gravity stability system had malfunctioned, she pushed off the wall and shot down the corridor. She dived forward, using any available surface to propel herself forward. If she made it to the docking bay where her ship was held, she might be able to disable the lock and free Stealth.

One last corner and she’d be there. Her jaw dropped in horror as she flew into the docking area. Waiting for her was Mason. He bobbed up and down, one hand gripping part of the ceiling, the other pinching his hipbone in a display of displeasure. He’d beaten her to it. How?

“Ventilation shaft,” he answered her silent question. He’d crawled in a direct line from where they’d parted company and removed the cover panel, which was floating nearby.

Jade cursed. She’d forgotten about the network of tubes infiltrating the walls. Mason, even with his bulk, had used them effectively to reach the docking bay first. She tried to pivot but inertia had drained her mobility. The effort to regain momentum had been lost and Mason had the advantage. He easily grabbed her ankle and dragged her back towards him.

“I thought you understood the arrangement, Jade,” he said. “You are a captured fugitive. There is nowhere for you to run.”

“Get off me, you…you… jumped up bounty hunter,” she snarled.

His eyes narrowed into slits. “Don’t compare me to those scumbags. This is my job. I’m not a hunter.”

“It’s what you are.”

Mason gathered her around the waist and drew her closer. In the rush to escape, she’d forgotten her nudity, but not any longer. She was conscious of her skin brushing against his jacket, the closeness of his breath on her back and the loose strands of her hair floating past her face. He tipped her over his bent knee, which he’d drawn up, and held her fast with a giant loop of his arm. The pair of them slowly spun as she waved her arms around, swimming unproductively in the weightless air.

“Keep still,” he barked.


“I’m teaching you about respect.”

The smack, rather than striking her buttock, skated against it in a failed attempt at a slap. Mason delivered another one on the other cheek and it collided with her more than struck her. In any other situation, she might have laughed. However, humiliated by her nakedness and his desire to chastise her in such an intimate way, she baulked as best she could by flailing her limbs and screeching.

“Let me go!”

Mason’s efforts at spanking her continued, but almost in slow motion and the pair of them rolled down the corridor, knocking against the walls and ceiling.

“This wouldn’t be necessary if you did as you were told.” Mason spoke breathlessly. His latest slap sent them spiralling along and to her surprise, it hurt given the apparent lack of force. Probably because in the absence of a gravity field he could smack her upside down  and it made no difference to the energy needed. What caused him problems was his aim. Every smack batted them into a new location.

“Damn, this isn’t working.”


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  1. Loved this snippet Jaye! Congratulations on the upcoming release, looking forward to this 🙂


  2. Anybook With Spanking And A Naked Woman In The Same Paragraph Is My Kind Of Book! I’ll Buy It!

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