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Ever wondered what it’s like to spanked weightless? No gravity?  Me too.  A snippet from my latest release – The Space Marshal’s Captive:


Mason gathered her around the waist and drew her closer. In the rush to escape, she’d forgotten her nudity, but not any longer. She was conscious of her skin brushing against his jacket, the closeness of his breath on her back and the loose strands of her hair floating past her face. He tipped her over his bent knee, which he’d drawn up, and held her fast with a giant loop of his arm. The pair of them slowly spun as she waved her arms around, swimming unproductively in the weightless air.

“Keep still,” he barked.


“I’m teaching you about respect.”

The smack, rather than striking her buttock, skated against it in a failed attempt at a slap. Mason delivered another one on the other cheek and it collided with her more than struck her. In any other situation, she might have laughed. However, humiliated by her nakedness and his desire to chastise her in such an intimate way, she baulked as best she could by flailing her limbs and screeching.

“Let me go!”


He’s going to pleasure her in ways that her darkest fantasies never touched.

After nineteen-year-old Jade Kryst is caught by space marshal Mason Hadley while trying to smuggle supplies to a rebel-held planet, she quickly discovers that her captor is not a man to be underestimated, and when she fails to cooperate with a thorough strip search she ends up with blushing cheeks and a sore bottom.

Though he does his best to remain professional, Mason is drawn to his beautiful, feisty captive, and he strikes a deal with her. If she will use her skills as a mechanic to keep his ship up and running while he hunts down the dangerous criminals he is pursuing, he will set her free once they are apprehended. Jade accepts his offer, but it doesn’t take long for Mason to realize that keeping her in line will require a firm hand frequently applied to her bare bottom, along with even more humiliating punishments when her continued disobedience makes it necessary.

Despite her status as his prisoner, Mason’s stern dominance leaves Jade burning with desire, and when she surrenders herself to his masterful lovemaking it is better than she ever dreamed. She soon finds herself falling deeply in love with the handsome space marshal, but will there be a place for her by his side after his mission is over?

Publisher’s Note: The Space Marshal’s Captive includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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When we first meet Jade Kryst, she’s already in trouble. Snared in a tractor beam by a Space Marshall, she suddenly finds out that there’s a federal warrant for her arrest for smuggling. Except that technically, she’s yet to commit the act. When Federal Space Marshal Mason Hadley apprehends her, he’s shocked to find out how young Jade is. When Jade makes several failed attempts at escape, Marshal Mason has no choice but to spank her in order to gain her compliance.

And oh boy, does that work. For a time. It seems that with Jade, repetition is the key to harmony.

This is a fun space story with elements of dominance and submission along with spanking. The characters are likeable and Jaye Peaches does a great job of creating chemistry between Jade and Mason. Add in a bit of worry and suspense as Mason continues to hunt down and arrest other fugitives along with Jade’s mechanical wizardry, which keeps his ship running, and we have the makings of pure entertainment.

Lovers of science fiction erotica that’s heavier on space elements than other alien species will enjoy this story. For that matter, anyone who enjoys a bit of kink that isn’t too over the top and scintillating sex scenes will enjoy this story. 


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Jaye! I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    Hmm, a weightless spanking, this sounds intriguing and hot! Congratulations on the new release, definitely on my list:)


  2. Hi! I’m filling in for Kathryn again as host of SatSpanks! Ouch! Poor Jade. She’s having to learn about respect the hard way. Merry Christmas!

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