A brisk caning #wipitup

My Victorian Romance is taking shape. I shared a little for last week’s Wipsters, so here is a little more of my current work in progress – a time travelling escapade for a curator in a museum.  Kelly has travelled back in time through a mirror to Victorian England. Seated in the library of an old house, she has discovered a journal hidden in a drawer. She just can’t stop reading the accounts of a strict Victorian disciplinarian…


Subject C. Nineteen years old. Cloth merchant’s daughter, slovenly in appearance, caught chewing tobacco and drinking ale. Twenty strokes of the cane, administered bare bottomed and with legs bound to chair.
C is a noisy girl, unable to stay bent, necessitating the use of the restraining straps. Buttocks generous and plump. Thighs tapered. First marks obtained with the rattan, which was sparingly used on her pale behind. Note: freckled face girls often have freckled bottoms. Curious.
Ten lines, adequately spaced, two raised into moderate welts. Closer inspection between her thighs revealed another budding response.
What did that mean? She browsed the journal, hunting for some kind of explanation, but there was nothing written down.
Subsequent ten applied with rod of bamboo accompanied by a brisk lecture on deportment for young ladies. Subject C’s unravelling progressed to a great state of immodesty, whilst I endured her squeals of discomfort. Lesson completed with ten minute period in corner during which I made my sketches of her bottom.
December 12th 1880. The date written in small print just below the account. Could the journal have been written by the then owner of Howegarth House? Or had it been confiscated by somebody and hidden, maybe acquired illicitly to satisfy some kind of curiosity on the part of the reader. Kelly hunted for other dates. All of them were between 1880 and 1881. At that time, the house was in the ownership of the second Lord Yarlswood, Arthur.
According to what she’d read in the files relating to the history of the house, Arthur spent much of his life exploring southern Africa, paying little interest to his estates and businesses, only returning home to father a boy and then promptly packing the child off to boarding school while his neglected wife indulged in her love of spas and eating. In his place, while he travelled, his younger brother, Sir Henry, inhabited Howegarth House.



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