An agreement – #wipitup

I’ve a couple of work in progresses and this one is a contemporary erotic romance with a dark twist – Captivated.  Anna has woken up alone in a strange bed, in a strange bedroom and to her horror, she has been swapped into the body of Henrietta, a woman married to Dominant.  David has an agreement with Henrietta, one that requires her to be submissive in return for an easy divorce with a generous settlement.  Anna is curious enough to stay and find out more over dinner. Except, she’s landed herself in it.


Dinner proved to be a silent meal. What did they usually talk about? Anna hadn’t a clue to their daily habits. However, given David was more interested in the food Maria had cooked, Anna assumed he was too hungry to care about small talk. At the end of the dessert, which she’d nervously picked at, it was apparent he’d something quite different on his mind.

David tossed his napkin to one side. “Since we’re both home at the same time, and you’re not hiding in your bedroom, you can assume I want sex. In fact, I demand it, Henrietta.”  He rose and scraped back his chair.

Anna froze in her seat. Would Henrietta go with him or refuse? Everything she’d come to assume about the couple had been proved correct: estranged and barely speaking to each other. Yet, he wanted sex and expected it without question?

He tapped his fingers on the back of the chair.  “You’re hesitating. You know I hate it when you pretend you don’t want it.”

She swallowed hard, her heartbeats thumping beneath her breasts. Would he force her to comply with his demands? “David. I,” she stuttered to a halt.

“Don’t excuse yourself, Henrietta. We agreed, didn’t we? If you want to stay in this house, you can oblige me when I ask. You always want sex. It’s the only thing you showed any interest in doing prior to our marriage. Be honest, you signed up for this, you begged for it and we both know why. If you’re indisposed, convince me and I’ll back off.”

Oh. My. God. The agreement stashed in his drawer wasn’t a fantasy document—it  was binding in some way she’d couldn’t comprehend and Henrietta had asked for it. Anna clenched and her pussy funnelled her essence into a flood, wetting the gusset of her panties in seconds. She was more than capable of sex in her current state, but was that what he meant by being in the mood? Perhaps Henrietta played hard to get and he liked it. Anna ground her toes into the ends of her shoes, trying to prevent them from curling into tight balls. If she wanted it, she would give it to him, and exactly how she dreamed of it—submitting.


Risky business for Anna and is David what he seems?


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  1. Ooh, I’m intrigued now and definitely want to read more! Great snippet Jaye 🙂


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