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If you’ve visited my Pinterest board or read my fairy tales, you know I’m partial to a twist on fairy tales. So it’s an obvious choice to have on my blog The Twisted Fairytale anthology. Jennifer Bene has brought with her an excerpt from her contribution – The Tower.


The Dark Forest: A Collection of Erotic Fairytales

Enjoy seven wicked tales from seven bestselling authors, each more deliciously deviant than the last!

Nothing is as it seems in our dark and twisted fairyland. Princes are not charming and the path to happily ever after is paved with creative punishments and supplication. Do not fret for our fair maidens. These are still fairytales. Love will conquer all in the end.

Rebecca ‘Rapunzel’ Sinclair has spent her entire life in The Tower. A forty-two story monument to her father’s tech company where she lives and works, trying to be worthy of Daniel Sinclair’s incredible legacy.

But while her father has kept her sheltered and safe, he has also made enemies, and when one of them rips Rapunzel from The Tower and takes her prisoner she is dropped into a nightmare of pain and pleasure.

There are secrets this damned prince knows, and a dangerous history behind his motivations. As her masked captor works to break her down will she be able to face the darkness in her past, and the dangerous desires she’s discovering inside herself?

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The television went black for a moment, and then a single scene played on the screen at normal speed. It was her father standing outside The Tower, speaking to a gathering of reporters. “My inspiration for what I do with Monarch Systems?” He chuckled, all charm and wit, blue eyes sparkling as he nodded at the microphones. “Well, I want a better world for my daughter. She’s my everything. Without her – I’d have nothing.”

The television clicked off and bright lights instantly flared to life from either side of the television, effectively blinding her. “Dammit!” She flinched, closing her eyes tight as she heard a door open somewhere to her left. It shut again, the sound heavy and metal. Rebecca tried to look, but the bright lights were impossible to see through.

“Did you hear that, Rapunzel? You’re his everything.” The low voice was slowly moving behind her, and then a large hand wrapped around her throat and squeezed just enough to make her heart stumble over itself in an effort to speed up. “Tell me, how do you think he’s going to feel when he gets that video of what I did to you in your precious Tower?”

“Fuck you,” she spat, and he yanked her head back, tilting her chin up so she could see the mask again.

“I already fucked you, and you came like the little whore you are.”

She tried to struggle, but only rewarded herself with pain as the cuffs tore at her skin and his grip tightened further around her throat. “What do you want from me?” she whispered through the strain.

“What do I want? I want your father to suffer. I want to see him ruined like he’s ruined the lives of so many others.” He grabbed her chin and forced her head back further, making her back arch painfully. “And you’re going to help me, Rapunzel.”

“My name is Rebecca,” she hissed.

“Oh, but daddy dearest always calls you Rapunzel, doesn’t he?” It sent a shudder through her that he knew that fact. How long had he been watching them? Watching her?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t lie to me, I know everything, princess. Remember that. Now, you have a task to perform.” He let her go and she rolled her neck to ease the ache as tiny red dots sprang to life in the ceiling. One directly in front of her, two in the corners, and as she turned she saw they went all the way around. Every angle covered.

This can’t be happening.

The man stepped behind her again, leaning down to speak directly into her ear, “Go on, talk to him. Tell him how much you want to come home.”



Jennifer Bene is an international bestselling author of romance and erotica who loves wine, hiking, whiskey, and keyboards – not necessarily in that order. She’s been writing for years, but it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. Whether it’s showing up in dark romance, BDSM, paranormal, ménage, or anything else she decides to venture into, it’s always got that touch of darkness. But, don’t worry, she also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! After all, without the dark, we’d never notice the light, now would we?


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  1. Wow, this sounds like an awesome collection! I do love twisted fairytales and absolutely loved the excerpt.


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