Sex, Scandal and the Sheriff – Kryssie Fortune

Starting over in Westhorpe Ridge wouldn’t be easy, especially since she’d already enjoyed a spanking and a one-night stand with the sheriff.

Jasmine Stewart (Jazz to her friends) falls for the blond stranger who spanks and seduces her at a Washington soiree. Later, when she discovers her flatmate is trying to draw her into a spy ring, she goes to the authorities. The ensuing publicity costs her her job, her security, and her future. Starting over in Westhorpe Ridge is her only option.
Sean Mathews, former SEAL and Westhorpe Ridge’s sheriff, can’t forget the woman he spanked when he visited Washington, but he thinks she’s a spy. When she turns up in Westhorpe Ridge, he tries everything to make her leave town. Despite their misunderstandings, though, they can’t keep their hands off each other.
As New Year’s Eve looms, the spy ring resurfaces. Jazz will need all of Sean’s SEAL prowess to survive. But because his wounded leg cost him his speed in the water, will it be enough?

About Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge Series

Westhopre Ridge is a small, North Carolina Town with a big heart. Each story is a stand-alone romance but there are recurring themes and characters. The series features former military men come home to build a new career and the women strong enough to love them.

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Two encounters with the sheriff were enough for Jazz. First, there’d been that dreadful soiree where she’d humiliated herself by masturbating in public. Worse, when she fled to North Carolina to start a new life, he’d warned her to leave town. And why was he standing in for Mandy’s friend, Sheriff Sean? After the cold reception he’d given her, Jazz wouldn’t put it past him to have her run out of town.

Spine stiff, head high, she dismissed him with a wave. “I don’t need anything from you. Get out.”

Turning her back, she tried to walk the mattress to the door. The damn thing fell on top of her. Pinned to the floor, she fought like a wrestler trying to beat the count. The more she struggled, the more the mattress flopped over her. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the rotten sheriff had tried to hide his smile, but it burst out of him along with the sexiest laugh ever. A moment later, he lifted the mattress off her as though it weighed nothing, but she wanted to kick the wretched thing when it behaved perfectly for him.

He offered his hand and helped her back to her feet. When she took it, tingles flowed from her fingers, through her arm, and headed straight to her pussy. Looking as stunned as she felt, the sheriff dropped her hand and stood back. “I brought the new mattress, but I need to apologize, ma’am. I’m running short on sleep thanks to a run-in with some would-be killers and a meeting with the CIA. I misunderstood your role at the soiree, but when my deputy showed me the report he’d run on you, I realized the country owes you its gratitude. So, you’re the new baker, huh?”

It hurt how no one except the CIA had listened to her side of the story. At least the sheriff understood now, but the best thing she could do was to keep her nose clean and hope things blew over. “I plan to be. I need to have the equipment checked out by an electrical engineer and tidy the place up, but everything looks in good order. Apology accepted. So how about you put your muscles to better use than spanking my bare butt and help lug the mattress up to the apartment?”

He flushed. “It’s been over two weeks. You can’t still be sore.”

She tried for a smile, but the yearning to have the sheriff inside her again almost made her blurt out something stupid. Her grin turned teasing. “It’s not, but there’s more than one kind of pain in the ass.”

She spoke so sweetly he smiled. When he figured out she was poking fun at him, his face fell. A moment later, his sexy laugh flowed out of him again. “You’re right. I was a pain in the ass earlier, and I’m sorry.”

Jazz had never seen a man look so sheepish. His brow furrowed as though he struggled to find the right thing to say. Finally, he grinned. “I could always kiss it better.”

Words like outrageous, sexist and…yes please hovered on her lips. When he wanted to be, Ethan Mathews could be charming.


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  1. Hi Jaye and Kryssie, this sounds like an awesome series. I love the premise of this book and enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you both 🙂


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