One year of submission – #wipitup

I’ve three WiPs on the go, and it’s keeping me busy with edits. This one is the closest to the end of the road.

Imagine you wake up in your wildest fantasy – married to a rich, handsome man whose taste in sex is to dominate.  Sounds exciting for a would be submissive, except, you’re in the wrong body.

Anna is exploring a strange house hoping to find the answer to why she’s been taken and possessing a different body.


Something caught her eye. Another drawer. Shallow and hidden beneath the desk top, she’d thought it was a keyboard tray. Opening it, she slid her hand inside and found one sheet of paper and a door key. She lay the document under the light. It was an agreement, printed out from a computer with two signatures at the bottom: Henrietta Davenport and David Davenport.

She traced her finger along each line, reading slowly, but always listening for footsteps or voices. Even though this was Henrietta’s home, and she looked like the woman, Anna felt like an intruder, an interloper in somebody else’s life.

The document outlined a peculiar set of clauses that if worded differently might read like a pre-nuptial contract. However, there was no evidence it had been drawn up by a lawyer.

Henrietta Davenport and David Davenport had agreed to divorce in one year. However, there were conditions attached to that divorce.

Henrietta Davenport agrees for the duration of one year to be David Davenport’s willing submissive. She consents to being available for sex whenever he wishes, she will behave respectfully in public and private, and obey him on all matters related to her sexual being. This agreement includes oral, anal and vaginal intercourse, bondage and discipline. Failure to comply will result in punishment unless Henrietta is unwell or David deems her mental health to be at risk.

After Henrietta has completed one year of submission, David will present Henrietta with a one-time, non-returnable gift of 5 million dollars.

If Henrietta chooses to leave David during the one year period, she may do so following notice of her intention. However, breaking the contract will invoke the original terms of the Pre-Nuptial agreement.

Until the terms of the contract are complete, Henrietta, in accordance with her husband’s wishes, will not visit or engage in any activity related to the following clubs.

Anna’s eyes widened in disbelief. The conditions were bizarre and entirely related to sexual matters. The document had to be a joke. Some kind of fantasy he’d concocted and hidden under his desk. Yet, the signatures were real, written in ink and dated. The date being less than two weeks ago.


Hop along!

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  1. This sounds so intriguing Jaye, love the premise and definitely want to know more 🙂


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