A mystery to solve – #wipitup

A little bit of a delay on my current work in progress – it should be out by mid-March.  Here’s a little taster, carried over from last time.

Anna has woken up in the body of Henrietta. She’s in her Henrietta’s house and married to David. She found a strange agreement in his desk….

Now, with hindsight, the things that had happened earlier slipped into place—sleeping apart from David in a room bolted on the inside. Then there was the odd things he’d said to her before leaving on his business trip. He’d wanted sex. He’d come to her room expecting to have a fuck. In response she, Anna, had refused him, at least that was what she’d done by not opening the door to him. Would the real Henrietta have turned him away? She concentrated hard on exactly what he’d said. He’d spoken the words of the agreement—she’d agreed, given her word to save their marriage—those were the things he’d mentioned. However, she’d ignored him, not even answered and made him cross—he’d banged on the door before walking away, the frustration obvious in his voice.

She slotted the paper back in the concealed drawer. What had started out as solving her mystery—being in Henrietta’s body—had merged with another one. What exactly was the arrangement David wanted with his estranged wife. Sex on demand? Why would a woman agree to such a clause? Money could buy much, but if she really wanted to divorce him, why accept such terms, especially as it seemed as if neither party expected the marriage to work. Henrietta had vacated her body, by whatever magical means, shifted Anna into it instead and thereby escaped her side of the agreement. Had she given the responsibility of meeting David’s conditions to Anna? If so, why had she picked Anna to fulfil her side of the bargain?

She guffawed. The whole setup was ludicrous and beyond belief. She’d go back to bed that night and wake up next to Darren.


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  1. Hi Jaye, I love the premise of this boom, this sounds so intriguing. Can’t wait to read more 🙂


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