She can’t swim – #wipitup

New book out this weekend and I can reveal the title – Captivated – and cover.

Those who read this blog know that I’ve given a few sneak previews for Wipsters. This is the tale of Anna who wakes up one morning in the body of glamorous Henrietta and married to businessman David. She is pretending to be somebody else and finding her feelings for David are growing stronger each day.

David doesn’t understand his wife. Something has changed in her. Henrietta was hot for him before they married, then after the wedding, she went cold, betrayed him and now they’re working towards separating. Except a few days ago, she changed again…

David arrives home to his mansion and somebody is swimming in the outside pool.


The surface had numerous ripples moving in a pattern that progressed up the length of the pool. He hastened his pace, almost running. There, just short of the edge of the pool, in the deep end, was Henrietta swimming.

Her arms rose out of the water, lifting and scooping as she completed a few strokes of the front crawl. Behind her long legs, water splashed into white bubbles as she kicked. She was elegant and neat in style, fast too. She dipped her face in the water and swam without lifting it for three or four strokes.

David stopped short of the edge. “Henrietta,” he called. “Hen,” he snapped louder.

She halted, reaching out for the handrail. Shaking the water out of her hair, she lifted her arm and waved. “David. You’re back early.” She smiled. A gorgeous, unrestrained smile of welcome.

He opened and shut his mouth, trying to fathom out what she was doing in the water. Her eyebrows furrowed into deep trenches. “What?” she asked.

“You’re swimming,” he said with temerity.

“Yes,” she replied slowly. “I am.”

“You can’t swim,” he exclaimed.

Her eyes widened and she seemed to be mouthing a curse. She gave a small shrug as if that alone was sufficient to explain.

Another lie. Another secret she’d kept from him. “You told me you couldn’t swim,” he planted his hands on his hips. The heat of the sun smothered the back of his neck and bare head. “More to the point, when I asked you to join me in the water, you’d cry off. Terrified. You refused to even paddle in the shallows.”

Ever since he’d met her, he’d accepted she’d a fear of open water. If there was a trauma in her past, she’d not mentioned it. Her excuse was based on an intense dislike and he’d given up cajoling her when it was obvious she wasn’t going to budge. While he’d swum up and down, she lounged on a sunbed and listened to music.

Henrietta shaded her eyes with her hand, but not sufficiently to hide the way she gnawed at her lower lip. “I’ve been taking lessons,” she announced.


“I didn’t want you to know. It’s a surprise. While you’re at work.” She removed her hand and smiled again. The corners of her lips twitched.

Surprise was an understatement—she swam like a college champion, not a novice learner. He was shocked and confused: “Why keep it a secret?”



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  1. Hi Jaye, congratulations on the upcoming release! I love the premise and have enjoyed the snippets you have shared. Looking forward to this 🙂


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