Captivated and spanked! – #satspanks #mysexysaturday

My new release should be out any time soon!  I hope you’ll keep an eye out for it for me 😉

Captivated is more than a spanking romance, it’s about living a fantasy and wondering if it will ever become truly real. Can Anna be the wife David truly desires or will she be dragged back to reality? It could happen any moment, any place.

This is the tale of Anna who wakes up one morning in the body of glamorous Henrietta and married to businessman David. She is pretending to be somebody else and finding her feelings for David are growing stronger each day.

David doesn’t understand his wife. Something has changed in her. Henrietta was hot for his dominance before they married, then after the wedding, she went cold, betrayed him and now they’re working towards separating. Except a few days ago, she changed again… now she wants him.

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Anna lifted her head and stared up at him. David’s features remained remarkably unyielding. He showed no hint of his thoughts when he pondered on an idea. She’d grown accustomed to waiting, letting the anticipation excite her. Sure enough, on cue, her pussy clenched and she squished her thighs closer together.

“Have I been naughty?” she asked quietly.

David cocked his head to one side. “You’ve been a very good girl.”

“Oh,” she said, unable to hide her disappointment that he’d not taken up the suggestion. “Shucks.”

A brief grin formed on David’s face before he dismissed it. “However, goading your dom is not a good idea.”

“I’m not goading.” She pouted and folded her arms across her breasts. “I’m instigating a minor insurrection.”

He tapped his knee. “Then over you go. If you think it will get you anywhere, try it.”


9 thoughts on “Captivated and spanked! – #satspanks #mysexysaturday”

  1. Love their banter, though I suspect when the truth comes out, these two are going to have a difficult time. He’s most likely going to feel betrayed by her continued silence. Though, how can you expect anyone to believe you’re a different person inside a familiar body. And just where did the real Henrietta go? Is there a chance she could return? So many unanswered questions. Love the premise, Jaye.

  2. Congratulations Jaye! I love the premise and can’t wait to read this. Great snippet, love the playfulness between them 🙂


  3. Nice snippet. Love the playfulness and awareness of each other. The blurb makes me think it’s a little dark though…thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday!

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