Captivated – New Release! Dark romance.

Some books start their life in subtle ways, perhaps not even intending to make it to publication or sharing. My latest release was a creative exercise – the first chapter was a short story. Almost. But like many things I write it offered up more potential than I imagined. It took on a life of its own, grew a little more complex, and kept writing itself.

I wanted to explore a different kind of paranormal. I’ve written about shapeshifters, those creatures than can move from human to animal form, and was more intrigued by the idea what happened if it was human to human? Shapeshifters became body swappers, but not a macabre or horror kind of way. Add in the dynamics of a power exchange with its hot dominant male and the wannabe submissive who’s never had a chance to be who she wants to be, and I created a mystery romance with a kinky couple.

I hope you enjoy it.



Waking up in an unfamiliar bed in a room she doesn’t recognize is disturbing enough, but Anna Hadley becomes truly alarmed when she looks into the mirror and sees the face of another woman staring back at her.

Her confusion intensifies when a man—who apparently believes she is his wife—suddenly knocks on the door and scolds her for spending so much time by herself in the bedroom. To top it all off, it quickly becomes clear that the man has some very specific, very old-fashioned ideas regarding the proper way a husband should deal with a disobedient bride.

In spite of everything, the threat of having her bottom bared for a sound spanking arouses Anna deeply, and even as she searches for clues that might explain what happened to her, she cannot help becoming more and more attracted to her supposed husband.

It isn’t long before she earns herself a punishment, and when he reddens her backside and then takes her hard and thoroughly she is left spent and satisfied. But knowing she could find herself back in her own body at any moment, can she dare to fall in love?
Publisher’s Note: Captivated includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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Here’s an excerpt.


David loved his Anna. The way she coyly attempted to downgrade her disobedience, while at the same time never quite arguing with him. It was a level of defiance he could tolerate; he quite liked it. The sulky tone was just right for him.

“Pants down, please.” He inhaled deeply, preparing himself for the delight of seeing her submit.

She fumbled with the waistband of her sweatpants. The casual attire accentuated her lines and he suppressed a smile. 

Anna skated her palms down her sides. Her fingers were trembling.

“Over my lap, please.”

She slithered over him, arranging her legs on one side of the couch and her arms on the other. She rested her head on the crook of an elbow and buried her face into the cushion.

With a delicate precision, he lowered her panties, drawing them over her fine ass and down her thighs, stopping just above her knees.

What an ass. No marks remained from the caning. The extra flesh on the rotund apexes of her buttocks offered him a generous amount to squeeze and smack. 

He slid his hand under her t-shirt and stroked the length of her spine. She shivered as he came to her bra strap. He unhooked it and rested his hand between her shoulder blades. Her heartbeats thumped beneath his palm. He waited, giving her time to calm her nerves.

“I don’t enjoy punishing you, not when you’ve been working so hard. However, a rule is a rule, and I’d be a bad dom if I didn’t carry through with this.”

She muttered something inaudible.

“What’s that?” He swiped an ass cheek.

She lifted her head. “I don’t like it either, sir. Not like this. I never thought I’d hate a spanking until now.”

“That’s not a bad attitude to have, because then, when I spank you for fun, it will teach you the difference between punishments and good girl spankings, won’t it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s get it done.” He raised his hand higher and brought it down on her quivering ass. She immediately clenched, responding to the firmness and force of his smack.

He spanked methodically, back and forth with the heel of his palm forward and his arm swinging back as far as his shoulder would allow. The noise bounced off the shuttered windows, ringing out each spank and exaggerating it. He generally enjoyed the music of a spanking. In the past, with his more adventurous subs, he beaten them to music or experimented with implements to find the perfect accompaniment to their muted cries. Spanking her was different. The sounds threatened to distract him from focusing on her responses, so he altered the form of his hand and cupped her ass as he spanked, softening the harshness.

She sniveled, yelped, and made various noises, but no safeword, no bleating at the unfairness. Her feet paddled on the cushions while she bucked and wriggled on his lap.

“Ow, fuck,” she whimpered after a swiftly delivered set of smack on her sit spots. The redness in her heated cheeks intensified.

“I don’t want you listening to gossip tomorrow, understood? If anyone mentions the missing person case, you’ll back away and come and find me.”

“Yes, sir,” she shrilled between smacks.

“You’ll stay by my side. No wandering off.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll be a good girl,” she wailed.

He chuckled and ceased spanking. “There.” He circled each rosy cheek with his stinging palm, feeling the blazing heat disseminate. He assisted her into an upright position and she curled up on his lap, her panties tangled around her ankles.

For a while he swept her back and legs with long caresses. She seemed to be purring in his arms, not crying.

With a flick of her hand, she brushed aside a strangling lock of hair that had coiled around her neck. “Sir.” Her eyes peeked out from under her trimmed eyebrows. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

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  1. Congratulations on the new release Jaye! I love the premise and enjoyed the excerpt. Can’t wait to read this 🙂


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