Taking matters too far – a sneak preview of To Own You. #wipitup

I’ve a new book out this weekend!  For fans of Jason and Gemma, my D/s couple, I’m pleased to announce they’re back for another installment of sex, spankings and naughtiness. Lots of kinky play and Jason is keen for Gemma to try out new things, however, she’s taken the initiative without him and done something behind his back. Tut-tut, Gemma – when will you learn.

To help celebrate the launch of To Own You, the first book To Know You will be on offer for free for a limited period – watch out for the link later in the week.  The books don’t have to be read in sequence, they each have their own satisfactory ending and conclusion of the storyline, but don’t miss out on the opportunity.


Here’s snippet from To Own You:


They stood in the middle of their bedroom. Gemma stared at the carpet, her trembling hands tucked behind her back.

Jason cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest. He might not be shaking, but he felt the adrenaline flooding through his body. “Well, I’m waiting. I want to know how my wife came to be aroused by another woman in our bedroom. I want to know how the woman I love, whom is permitted to masturbate on her own, in my absence, chooses to pleasure herself with another woman.”

She grimaced. “I can’t explain it. The anger—you understand the nature of anger,” she risked comparing her anger to her husband’s notorious ire.

“Oh, don’t try that with me, Gemma. All you had to do was sack her, there and then. I would have agreed with you without taking issue.” He tapped his fingers on his arms.

The fabric of the robe swayed around her naked body. Suddenly, she was deliciously desirable. The anger was abating, curtailed by her genuine display of contriteness. The submissive in her was rising to the surface, strengthening her, giving her a way to reach out to him. The more she opened up to him, the better he understood her. “Go on. Explain to me,” he urged.

“I’m sorry, Jason. I can’t figure it out myself. I’ve never done that before—taken on your role, the role of the top. It was kind of intoxicating for a moment. It didn’t last long and I don’t want it back, please believe me.” She reached out towards him, but he stepped back. He wasn’t ready to touch her, to feel her. His balls were aching too much already, but he had to control every inch of his body, every nuance of his dominance to ensure things played out the way they needed to.

“Show me, where, with what.” He had his plan now, how to make her atone for her behaviour.


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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release Jaye, yay more Jason and Gemma 🙂 Love the excerpt, great teaser 🙂


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