Trapped by a mirror – #wipitup

Welcome to WipitUp Wednesday. It’s been a while since I’ve been here!  I’m waiting on edits for my next book, a Victorian romance with a little bit of a time-travel twist. Here’s Kelly, a young curator of a Howegarth House museum, who’s fallen through a mirror to a different time. She’s read the contents of a secret spanking journal hidden in the desk of Sir Henry, and now needs to return to her own time before he finds her and who knows what!


She couldn’t stay here. It wasn’t where she belonged and she’d no idea what would happen if she lingered any longer.

She returned the book to the drawer, closed it and pushed the chair back behind the desk, exactly as she’d found it. Turning, she faced the mirror.

“Please, please…” she reached out, “let me go.”

Nothing. The silvery surface refused to give. Panicking, she pressed her palms against it, pushing as if it might open like a door. Feeling sick, she paced the room, wondering if there was another exit – the fireplace? A portrait? Something in another room? She dare not leave the library, fearing that if caught, she might be dispatched to a police station and given her appearance – jeans and hooded sweater – declared insane.

The clock chimed five o’clock. A whole hour!

The mirror darkened, as if a veil had been drawn across it. She scurried over to it. She felt them, icy tendrils, likes tentacles, sucking her into the heart of the mirror. In the split second of darkness, she couldn’t breath, blink or move. Then, the mirror released her into the library.



Is she back where she belongs or trapped in the past?


2 thoughts on “Trapped by a mirror – #wipitup”

  1. Love the sound of this Jaye and definitely want to read more. Intriguing snippet.


  2. Oh, Jaye! Your snippet is very intriguing. I’m glad that Kelly got back to her own time. I don’t know what she would have done if she wasn’t able to. I know I’d be freaking out!

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