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Welcome to WipItUp – a showcase for works in progress and newly published books. Mine is edging closer to publication and I’m sharing a snippet – a Victorian spanking romance with plenty of discipline.

Kelly has been transported back to the 1880s and is masquerading as a maid while she works out how to return to the present. It’s a small household, just one rather strict gentleman, Henry, and she is helping serving dinner.


From out of his jacket pocket, he removed a thin metal case and opened it. He selected a cigar and returned the case to the pocket.

He smoked! What a ghastly habit, but she shouldn’t be surprised. Smoking was popular and customary after dining.

“You disapprove?” He’d noted her scowl.

“Your choice, sir,” she replied.

“My mother detested the habit, too.” He rose to his feet. “It became a custom for my father and I, although not Arthur, to smoke outside. The combination of fresh air and smoke is especially invigorating. I continue to practise the two together.”

She’d not smelt tobacco in the house, and now she knew why. His mother must be a formidable character to send the men outside to smoke.

He snipped the end of the cigar off with a cutter, which he left on the mantel and picked up the matches. He paused by the door, matchbook in his hand ready to strike a flame. In his dinner jacket with the white trim of his waistcoat and dark bow, he cut quite a figure, especially with the semi-casual pose—so damn sexy and masculine—cigar between his fingers, chin jutting upwards. She ached for him in ways she shouldn’t.

“Kelly. Please remind cook that I’m eating out tomorrow evening.” With the message given, he was gone.

Kelly slumped into his chair. Another wasted hour and no progress on finding out what he wanted from her. Something wasn’t right. Was he expecting her to fuck up and provoke him into action? Granted he was a disciplinarian, so perhaps he couldn’t do anything unless he had some reason to correct her. She yearned for something to happened, and even if that foolish act of naughtiness cost her a sore arse, it had to be worth it.


Hope you enjoy the other Wipsters!


2 thoughts on “A gentleman – #wipitup”

  1. Enjoyed reading this Jaye, great teaser. I suspect Kelly’s yearning will soon be satisfied 🙂 Love the premise and look forward to reading more 🙂


  2. I agree with Kelly, Jaye. Smoking is such a nasty habit for a hero to have. Great snippet!

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